12 Creative Health Focused Recipe Blogs

These blogs leave no excuses not to eat healthier

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There’s an abundance of healthy recipes waiting for you to sample in these inventive recipe blogs. Detailing healthy recipes that aren’t in the slightest boring, these blogs will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen without slacking on your wellbeing.

#1 Prevention RD

The Prevention RD travel product recommended by Beverly Friedmann on Toast Fried.

Nicole hosts her blog as a registered dietician with a complex recipe index with only healthy foods that can be enjoyed by the entire family. All of the recipe meals are balanced and she maintains a positive outlook about food that’s inspiring to her wide user base. Favorites include Coconut Shrimp Curry and Honey Lime Enchiladas.

#2 Eat, Live, Run

The Eat, Live, Run travel product recommended by Beverly Friedmann on Toast Fried.

Jenna hosts an aesthetically beautiful blog with healthy vegan and vegetarian options as well as meat and delicious snack and dessert options. There’s something for everyone, but everything is healthy and balanced. All of the photos she captures are gorgeous and she uses light to showcase favorites including Shrimp Enchiladas Verde and Turkey Taco Casserole.

#3 Mind Body and Spirit Wellbeing

The Mind Body and Spirit Wellbeing travel product recommended by Milica Vladova on Toast Fried.

A blog about gluten-free and low carb living for everyone who wants to take care of their gut health, lose a few extra pounds or just try something new and exciting in the kitchen!

#4 Remake My Plate

The Remake My Plate travel product recommended by Penny Scholl on Toast Fried.

Healthy Low Carb and Keto recipes written by a Registered Dietitian who has maintained a 120 lb weight loss for 14+ years following a low carb/keto diet.

#5 Healthy Lifebites

The Healthy Lifebites travel product recommended by Jerusha Holder on Toast Fried.

Healthy Lifebites focuses only on vegan, plant-based recipes making them easy, delicious and fun. Latest recipe was a healthy plant-based chili cheese fries.

#6 Chef Julie Harrington, RD

The Chef Julie Harrington, RD travel product recommended by Julie Harrington on Toast Fried.

Chef Julie Harrington, RD, Culinary Nutrition Consultant and author of The Healing Soup Cookbook. Committed to helping people gain confidence in the kitchen to create nourishing meals. Follow along for delicious recipes, cooking tips, and meal prep strategies to enjoy the food you love.

#7 Eat Yourself Skinny

The Eat Yourself Skinny travel product recommended by Lisa Richards on Toast Fried.

This blog is written by Kelly, a self-proclaimed health enthusiast who has first hand experience with the diet roller coaster. I like this blog in particular because it is easy to follow and includes recipes for just about any diet pattern; gluten free, paleo and more.

#8 Oh She Glows

The Oh She Glows travel product recommended by Lisa Richards on Toast Fried.

This blog is focused on plant-based recipes while making sure all essential nutrients are met and flavor is not abandoned.

#9 Natalie’s Health

The Natalie's Health travel product recommended by Natalie Knezic on Toast Fried.

Natalie’s Health blog is all about real food – healthy recipes using fresh wholesome ingredients. Also you will find many articles about healthy lifestyle, and how to achieve healthiest, happiest life through food, activity, and mind-body balance.

#10 Tasting Page

The Tasting Page travel product recommended by Kelly Page on Toast Fried.

She’s a holistic practitioner that helps people lead healthy lives through nourishing whole food, empowering thoughts, and positive actions. All of her recipes include real food ingredients (nothing processed here!) and primarily shares paleo recipes, where the focus is on ingredients that heal the body. You learn about the health benefits of the items in each dish, while learning how and why to make it. All of the recipes are interspersed with inspiration on how to live a happy and healthy life.

#11 The Happy Gluten Free Vegan

The The Happy Gluten Free Vegan travel product recommended by Anne P. Mitchell on Toast Fried.

The Happy Gluten Free Vegan provides recipes that are both wheat/gluten free, and dairy free. Their tagline is GF Vegan Recipes without All the Interminable Text and Ads, and it’s true! 🙂

#12 How To Make Dinner

The How To Make Dinner travel product recommended by Paula Hingley on Toast Fried.

How To Make Dinner is a great resource for healthy recipes because it isn’t centred around any particular special diets or trends, it’s just simple home cooking that leans towards the healthy-ish side.

It’s everyday, uncomplicated food for busy people. There’s also a Youtube channel where Paula makes many of these recipes, which is great for people who want step by step guidance.

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