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8 Great Gifts And Gadgets To Suit Your Vegan Diet

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Properly supporting a vegan diet can require some pretty hefty alterations to the appliances and products found in your kitchen. As healthy and rewarding as a highly-nutritious diet is, possessing some absolute killer gadgets and gizmos can prove to take your enjoyment to the next level.

We spoke to several leading experts in this particular field for their insights on what are the absolute must-have gifts and gadgets for someone and their vegan diet.

What to know what to give a vegan?

#1 True Nutrition


At True Nutrition you can customize your own Vegan protein powder and Oatmeal. Simply choose from their vast range of ingredients and they’ll create your very own personal vegan blend!

Contributor: Christina Towle from

#2 Silly Chilly Hot Sauce


Every vegan needs a great hot sauce in there diet; and we have the best hot sauce in town. We are a NY/NJ hot sauce company we only use local, vegan, organic ingredients. We support local farmers and harvest in season so every bottle of Hot Sauce is this season fresh.

Contributor: JP Ross from

#3 3-Speed KitchenAid Hand Blender


I’m a teen vegan from the NYC suburb of Montclair, NJ.

My favorite kitchen and food prep gadget is the KitchenAid Immersion Blender. I use it to prepare delicious smoothies, soups, and cashew cheese. It’s powerful, easy to clean, and creates amazingly tasty dishes.

Contributor: Doris Zeger from @DorisZagaer

#4 OXO Good Grips Garlic Press


One of the most basic tools every vegan should invest in is a garlic press! Transitioning to a vegan diet can certainly taste different than what you’re used to so the best tip is to ensure your food still tastes good. That means adding lots of flavor and for me garlic is my go to.

Using a garlic press saves a lot of prep time, and prevents my hands from smelling like garlic for the remainder of the day, plus you can use a garlic pressure to juice citrus and crush ginger root too.

Contributor: Emily Incledon from emilyinc_rd 

#5 Zoku Popsicle Maker


It may be hard to avoid sweets as a vegan, but with your own popsicle, you can have a healthy frozen treat in as little as seven minutes. They are perfect for entertaining family or friends. They also have a drip guard, so nothing will get on your couches or your carpet.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#6 Tofuture Tofu Press


You know how tofu can kind of be like chewing on a wet sponge? Or when you do try to press it, the books you piled on top either get lopsided and fall off, or are too heavy and crush your tofu? The tofu press solves those problems! You can press the water out if it with just the right amount of pressure so it doesn’t crack apart, and you can finally put those books away and enjoy your flavorful, non-spongy tofu.

Contributor: Laura Yautz from

#7 The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


Of course we need in on this trend, too! The Instant Pot can cook dry beans perfectly in about 20 minutes with no soaking. That’s the closest to black magic we want to get in the kitchen! It’s equally great for soup and chili in 30 minutes or less, and can make a killer vegan mac and cheese.

Contributor: Laura Yautz from

#8 Ninja High Speed Blender


These blenders can whiz up cashews into the smoothest, creamiest sauces that will fool even your non-vegan friends. While a regular blender will get you by, the heavy-duty ones really are the tool for the job.

Contributor: Laura Yautz from


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