Choosing the Right Wine at Dinnertime

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Wine has gained incredible popularity in the past several years, and rightfully so. With its wide range of tastes and styles, wine has the ability to please many palates. Enjoyed on its own or alongside a rare steak, wine is one of the most common alcoholic beverages of choice.

What Pairs Well with Red Wines?

When choosing the right wine at dinnertime, you need to consider what’s for dinner. Beef, poultry, pasta, and vegetables will all affect how the wine tastes while you’re eating. Red sauces and red meats are great places to start trying different red wines. A beautiful dark cabernet sauvignon is excellent with a juicy steak, while a malbec is brave enough to step up to the challenge of making your burger even better. Yes, wine can even pair with something as casual as a burger! Try a pinot noir with your favorite chicken dish or a Zinfandel with your spaghetti sauce.

There has been a lot of buzz about red wine and its antioxidants. This alone is a great reason to try some red wines. We all want to boost our antioxidant intake!

What Pairs Well with White Wines?

The difference between red and white wines is more than just the grapes. How and where a grape is grown will affect everything from taste to color and even acidity. White wines tend to be more acidic than red wines. Due to that sharper bite, white wine has its own league of excellent pairings.

A good rule of thumb for white wines is to pair them with lighter dishes. For example, fish, chicken, and many vegetable dishes go well with a white wine. Give pinot grigio a try with your next seafood meal or with a pasta dish tossed in olive oil and garlic. Sauvignon blanc is also surprisingly popular with fried chicken! Like other white wines, it’s also lovely with things such as sautéed zucchini or grilled shrimp.

In the end, your taste buds need to choose the right wine at dinnertime. Perhaps the experts say that red wine is best with red meat, but maybe you just love it with french fries. Go ahead and enjoy! If you’re new to wine, deciding what to try can be frustrating. Consider creating a wine-tasting night at home to discover what you like best. You’ll have plenty of fun along the way. Happy pairing!

Written by Richard Agama


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