Culinary Skill: Tips To Start Learning How To Cook

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For some people, cooking and experimenting with different flavors comes naturally, but it’s a challenging skill to harness for others. So as you leap into the kitchen, make grasping your culinary skills simple with this compilation of tips to start learning how to cook!

Cook More Often

Cooking can feel like a chore, and if you have a full-time job or busy life, takeout becomes even more tempting. But if you want to learn how to cook, you’ll have to practice as often as possible. Go through recipe books or scope out tasty meals online to make cooking exciting.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and you won’t do everything right on your first try. That’s fine because this is a learning experience. Rather than trash a failed recipe, take note of what went wrong and create a course of action next time you make it.


If you lead a busy life, aim to make homecooked meals about three times a week and freeze part of your leftovers. This way, you get to practice your new skill while also preparing meals for other days.

Watch Cooking Videos

Sometimes, learning is easier when you watch someone else do the task. Consider getting new recipes through online tutorials so you can watch a seasoned chef goes through the process of creating a tasty meal. You may even learn new techniques!

Upgrade Kitchen Appliance

Cooking with outdated appliances can hinder the learning process a bit, so keep your home up to date with essential appliances for a modern kitchen. Sometimes, older appliances have failing heating elements, so a burnt or half-cooked meal may not be your fault. For example, if your oven is 10 years old and can’t seem to hold the appropriate temperatures, look for a replacement.

Kitchen upgrades can get expensive, so remember to create a budget and only replace what’s necessary. You can always make additional upgrades down the line, but it’s best to wait and see how often you cook once you’ve masted the skill!

Take Your Time

Before you start cooking, read through the recipe to know what ingredients you’ll need and the steps you’ll follow. Often, recipes state that you should mix wet and dry ingredients separately before pouring everything together.

Lay Out Ingredients and Tools

Keep all your ingredients and items you plan to use well organized. It can feel overwhelming if you have to run around the kitchen and grab ingredients and mixing bowls. Instead, clear off your counter and organize everything you need. In other words, consider keeping wet and dry ingredients on opposite ends of your workspace so that everything is easy to see.

The final tip to start learning how to cook is to remember to clean items as you go through your recipe. Once you finish using the cutting board, place it and your knife in the sink. The more organized your countertop is, the less likely you will make mistakes as you harness this fun skill!

Written by Richard Agama


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