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Diet Smarter with these Meal Planning Books

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Meal planning can be daunting at first, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! These books contain loads of easy to follow recipes and potential meal plans so you can tailor your diet to meet your own personal needs. Take a look below!

Meal Prep for Weight Loss by Rd Kelli Shalli

This product was recommended by Stefanie Lesser from Hope & Love Radio

Meal Prep for Weight Loss equips you with the knowledge to properly prepare balanced meals ahead of time, so you can lose the weight and keep it off. With 6 customizable weekly meal plans, you still have the ability to take control of your health. Furthermore, the book gives you the shopping list and even instructions on how to cook the food. Shed weight the healthy way with Meal Prep for Weight loss.

Subconscious Power by Kimberly Friedmutter

This product was recommended by Kimberly Fried Mutter from KimberlyFriedMutter

Kimberly Friedmutter captures the origin of dieting plans and success by looking deep into the subconscious mind. Habits, addictions, desires for taste and striving for health, all originate from our original motherboard, our subconscious. Foraging and turning natural drives into recipes and meal plans the entire family can enjoy, Subconscious Power takes the neck-up approach to better health. Want to be fit from eating healthy? Kimberly’s mind-body approach, exceptional bowl recipes and ability to show simple food combinations with extraordinary benefits, breaks through the diet rhetoric that keeps us failing to feed our bodies effectively. Read what superstar Jennifer Hudson, recipe guru Martha Stewart and heavy weight champion Mike Tyson have to say about Kimberly Friedmutter and her best-selling book Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls

This product was recommended by Beth Schultz from BethSchultz

The Wahls Protocol book has everything you need to know on how to use food to heal from autoimmune disease. I found the book 7 years ago after a 9 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. It gave me the tools I needed to heal my body. I have been in remission for 6 years. The book is written by an MD who also recovered from MS. She has since completed clinical trials and they have been successful. The book is complete with 7 day meal plans and wonderful recipes.

The Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan by Susan Zogheib

This product was recommended by Shawn Lockery from NemaMetrix Inc

The Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is a perfect guide to start eating smarter and easier every day. This book isn’t just a way of eating but also a complete approach to feeling your best both mentally and physically. The author discusses the basics of diet as well as the difference it will make not only in your kitchen but in your overall health as well. The information contained in the book is straightforward and easy to follow. This book presents a four-week plan to get into the diet and offers up complete meal plans for each week. It’s not so rigid as to plan out individual menus for each day but instead presents a set of recipes for breakfast, another set for lunch and a third for dinner, and each week presents new sets of recipes.

Low Carb Cookbook With 4 Ingredients by Pascale Naessens

This product was recommended by Masha Krauchanka from Carol Leggett PR

You will not believe how incredibly easy and delicious these recipes are from Low Carb Cookbook with 4 Ingredients. That’s right, every recipe takes only 4 ingredients and 30 minutes or less to prepare!

The Ultimate Performance Cookbook by Nick Mitchell

This product was recommended by Ben Kenyon from Ultimate Performance

Every year there are a slew of diet books covering the latest fads which people follow for a few weeks before giving up when they see little or no results. The one unifying problem all of these healthy eating guides have is they don’t teach the fundamentals about calories, macronutrients, how to create the ideal weight loss meal.

This is where the Ultimate Performance Cookbook is different. It comes from Nick Mitchell, the founder of Ultimate Performance, the world’s leading personal training business. The book brings together the nutritional know-how of Nick and his elite training team with the flavours and finesse of U.P.’s team of professional chefs with 190-plus delicious recipes that can help anyone achieve real results.

Every recipe in the book is under 500 calories with exact macronutrient calculations that can be tailored to your specific diet requirements. Nick sets out his Rules for Healthy Eating which have laid the foundation for tens of thousands of successful U.P. clients to eat and live as healthily and enjoyably as possible, for life. It lays out the tried-and-tested formula for creating the optimal ‘body transformation meal’ which for each and every recipe in the book. There are also detailed meal plan examples showing how you can create your own ideal macronutrient-calculated weekly meal plan using the recipes. This book is the antidote to archetypal ‘diet fare’ and the scores of recipes that claim to support healthy weight loss but are nothing but abstract without the right macronutrient and calorie profiles.

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