Drink Review: Aberfeldy 21 Year Old

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An excellent value 21yo Aberfeldy, showcasing the richer end of the Highland spectrum with plenty of sherry influence.

Aberfeldy 21 Review:


Rich fruit and oakiness (raspberry and plum) with exotic spices, fragrant herbs and a touch of dried honey.


Very rich and fruity, this is sherry-like with a sweet oakiness and a slight tannic bite. Being a younger barley, there is a massive amount of floral spice, as well as light hints of molasses and fresh hay.


The sweet and spicy is quite simply magnificent. One of the longest of the Speyside age-statement whiskies I have tried. I was beginning to think this was excessively-rich and oaked, so this new release surprised me immensely.

Aberfeldy 21 Review:

It is very good in taste, drinkable straight from the cask, but now slightly too young to be as intense as I would have expected. It will certainly improve with time. I was shocked by how developed the taste is as a result of such young malt and how it matches the additional sweetness in the final mix. I was going to compare this to a Highland malt like Highland Park, but the malt has a richer character and shows more maturity.

I think the Aberfeldy malt itself is exceptional, although perhaps not something that really fits in with the mainstream style currently. Despite these flaws, it is one of my favourite whiskies for the price range. I was expecting a bit of oak to dominate, and it is there, but it is overshadowed by the smokey spiciness, sweet fruit and rich spices. Continue reading “Drink Review: Aberfeldy 21 Year Old”

Aberfeldy 21 Review:

The Aberfeldy 21 is obviously a big step up from the new Aberfeldy 15, so you can expect a very different style here. It is aged in sherry butts, hence the richer and more intense flavour profile. The wine crush is good at this and from the limited time I have had it, I have found the light peat smoke to be very enjoyable.

Aberfeldy 21, 21 years old, bottled without being coloured. Let’s take a look.

Aberfeldy 21 Review:

An extremely smooth, yet deep colour, which is thankfully not a blood red.


Mango! Fresh, ripe, sweet mango! It is lovely.


Mill/grain, hazelnut, citrus fruits, dried coconut and a pinch of nutmeg.


A touch of bitterness, citrus fruit, biscuits.

Score: 87

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this whisky as much as I did, but it quickly drew me in with the intense flavours of fresh, ripe mangos, smoked meat, cereals and even some ginger. The finish is not overly dry and grows on the tongue over time. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally quite enjoyed it.

As usual, I went ahead and knocked up a drink guide with my ratings and notes. Follow the link below to see the full list and impressions of each. Continue reading “Aberfeldy 21 Review: Full drink guide with stats and brief notes”

Aberfeldy 21 Review:

I was expecting the Aberfeldy 21 to be heavier on the sherry, and this interpretation is quite correct. It is nice and fruity with heavy sherry notes, with a great sweetness that is a result of the wine crush. Another name in the “noble” family should be added to the “must try” list.

The Aberfeldy 21 is the Scotch Whisky I can enjoy any day. It has a premium, rich flavour profile that is very enjoyable. The “highest malt in the peat” is rye, but is handled so well in this Aberfeldy you hardly notice the connection.

It was a nice surprise to see the Aberfeldy 21 bottle come out as early as it did, as the Aberfeldy 15 and 17 both seem to have come and gone quietly and quickly. I don’t believe this means the Aberfeldy 21 will be in any rush to disappear, as it is very good.

The Aberfeldy 21 really is a step above the 15 and 17. However, I wouldn’t recommend it over the 12 year. The 18 year is really the only one that comes close. The Aberfeldy 12 and 21 are very different whiskies (both are matured in different types of oak casks), so I could see the 12 just as easily being better than the 21.

Score: 89/90

This is a very good Scotch whisky that I find enjoyable every day.

You can read about the whisky, check out the detailed notes and see what other people think on the full review page here.

NIce stuff, I know.

The Aberfeldy 21 year old is an excellent dram. Known for being one of the most-welcomed Speyside drams of the highest quality, this is one Esoterica whisky I shall certainly look back upon with fondness.

Written by Mark Adams


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