Drink Review: Boulard Grand Solage Calvados

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Cracking apple brandy blended from eaux-de-vie aged between three to five years, with a delicious aromatic fresh apple palate and strong vanilla hints.

Boulard Calvados Review:

Taste: An unmistakable rich, smooth flavour, with a rich liquorice flavour and a lingering vanilla finish. This is probably the best Calvados I have so far drank. I know, it’s only wine, but the characteristic bouquet and flavour holds up to my expectations and my standard. A good choice to take at Christmas to comfort all the family!

Notes about the glass: I tried to find a resealable cup with an air lock, but I cannot make this work properly with my current set-up, so I just use an ordinary plastic cup with an air lock, and do the dispensing manually. I can also see where this would be very useful and novel as a Christmas party, as the need to open the bag and mix the drink, should the party become toastie, would be removed.

It’s a damned good Calvados, just not quite as enjoyable being drunk solo. I could not finish the shot in one go – a good sign that it doesn’t go much further. For this reason, I would recommend that all mates should have a drink with you, rather than opt to sip your drink by yourself.

Comments: Very good liquorice Calvados. My only concern is how long keeping the Calvados for later consumption will affect its flavour. I assume it will be exceptional, but I’ll probably not drink more than one bottle at a time.

Boulard Calvados Review:

Taste: One of my first real Man vs Food showdowns was when I took on the shot of Calvados or Calva. It is basically apple brandy, distilled from “eaux-de-vie” or fruit juice, and aged in the bottle for around two years before being bottled. It’s fantastic stuff and it certainly ranks as one of the best drinks I have consumed.

Notes about the glass: I originally bought this in a large air-tight tub at a few dollars. I found the sealed tub a real pain – there was no way it could fit into my existing cupboard, and after 18 months I had to start drinking chilled Calvados with a towel perched on the glass for ease of dispensing. The glass shown is the best I could do to fit the glass and the air lock, I just had to find a spout.

I used to have a spout for when I forgot the air lock, but it’s gone now to a friend as my house is somewhat full at the moment. Such is life.

Comments: Smells like vanilla. Nice warm vanilla meets a strong apple core. It’s a good strong tasting Calvados, somewhere between being smoothed and crisp. I’m not a fan of the strong limey notes, so I would only recommend this after you’ve mixed a Martinis, mixed drinks will be too strong and sour for this Calvados.

This is one of those drinks you should buy if you have a few friends for a Christmas party or a New Years Eve party. It is fantastic for the holidays and festivities.

Trying to prepare some Thanksgiving food for the family, and I have to say that there is a definite advantage to drinking Drinks in a large manner, so you can manage the quantities much better than preparing food. This is of course a really bad analogy, but I had to say it.

Boulard Calvados Review:

Taste: Smells ripe and fruity, with notes of fruits such as pears, orchard fruits and plain apples. The flavours I picked up were ripe pears, a touch of lime, and subtle vanilla. The mouth-feel is sweet and rich, with a hint of apple. The liquorice liquorice flavour of the Calvados comes through in the taste, but not so much that you can’t enjoy the other tastes. This is a damn good Calvados.

Notes about the glass: I used to drink this chilled in a large glass, but had to down it quicker than I would like, it’s such a good tasting Calvados. I tried the same glass on its own and found that the liquorice flavour came through very strongly and made the drink quite strong. I would recommend mixing it so the other flavours can stand out.

Comments: This is a damn good Calvados. It may be the best Calvados I have so far had. I know, it’s only wine, but still a damn good drink. The unmistakable bouquet and flavour holds up to my expectations and my standard. A good choice to take at Christmas to comfort all the family!

I love this drink. If you are looking for a drink to last for a few hours then this is the one you want, but be careful, because you could take a few shots of this straight in one go, and you may not deserve it!


Written by Mark Adams

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