Drink Review: El Dorado Rum 12 Year Old

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Awarded the gold medal at the Caribbean Rum Taste Test (held annually in London) no fewer than seven times in the first 10 years in which the competition was held!

El Dorado Rum Review:

It is very pleasant taste, erythritol, sweetness and malt are not next to each other as well as we can find in the rum drink. The liquor is good with pork with salads and Mexican dishes. It does not deal well with familiar cold, but you can drink with cola without feeling ill.

The only thing that is a little more difficult than usual is the drink quickly, hopefully, this is not because the drink is not good but that we are already used to the liquor and have yet to find a new one. If you like rum, this is a better choice!

Test: El Dorado Rum – Craft Rum review

I’ve not rated a rum (except for the very first time) in quite a while – so here goes with my initial impressions.

El Ericado is distilled in Guyana from sugarcanes. Specifically, it is distilled in the new distillers building in the “distillery area” of the current El Dorado site (which was a very exciting place to be at, as we watched the last few barrels of rum, with their distinctive silver caps, being transferred into the building). Further, they’ve gotten rid of the sugar cane juice used in the older rums or even light rums, and they now use molasses instead. I’m guessing the molasses used here is fairly high-octane to give an improved reputation. The distiller claims an average age on my bottle of 10 years, which sets it up as “Craft”.

An initial sniff was lemon and floral (or mint, maybe) – but with the subtle, woody, leatheriness of the cane sugar. I’m looking forward to trying it. The paper and label are also a bit of a disappointment. The paper feels less like a sheet of paper and more like a strip of glued-together cardboard.

Tasting Notes: El Dorado Rum

El Dorado is a bit more distinctive than the Normandie – taking up the “rumba” of the introduction. Under most circumstances I’ve found over the years that El Dorado Rums need to be sampled fairly cold to fully appreciate they’re punch, but only cold. The nose is perhaps a bit more “forward”, but very good – perhaps a little less dry than the Normandie. I’d like to try this rum at room temperature, as the Normandie has fared better in that circumstance for me. On the palate, the nose doesn’t really come through, but the flavors are definitely present.

This is much more dry than the Normandie, with a sharpness of lemon, orange, cardomon, and grapefruit. The tame oak actually enhances this for me, balancing out an overpowered (or overly-a-prodigious) ginger and other spices. A delicious, dry, tropical punch. The “black wood” factor is probably most evident here – but maybe just the oak they’re using.

This is very very good, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it.

Rating: 90/100

El Dorado Rum Review 1:

Not bad. This is a fairly sweet rum, especially at the price point. It does have a slight bite at the back of the throat – but I could adjust to it pretty easily, given that it’s one of the more “refined” rums I’ve tried in a long time.

El Dorado is a bit more complex than the brighter flavors of sweeter rums, but is still light and somewhat neutral-tasting, despite the “black wood” elements.

The more I drink the more I notice that this rum is not that far from the standard rums of the area – but is, in fact, much improved and in my opinion worth 3 or 4 times the price.

I still like it much better than the cheaper HBC rums.

Rating: 85/100

El Dorado rum review 2:

I loved the taste!! One of my favorite values from the south american line. It’s a bit more refined than most of the big boys but not too much. It’s super balanced and offers a great finish. It’s so enjoyable that I’m already thinking about rebuying it.

Rating: 91/100

El Dorado Rum Review 3:

This is certainly an interesting rum note. I can actually smell burning wood as I swish it around in my mouth. It’s not supersweet or syrupy, but it’s not a punch you can down like a shot with one gulp. Recently I went through some of my older bottles of rum and came across El Dorado, the top-end of the El Dorado rum line. I found El Dorado very similar to Ron Zacapa 23, but ultimately a bit more well-balanced. This one is the same way.

I imagine it will be a good one to have around the house and for a summer drink.

Note: El Dorado is one of the few rums with elements of molasses in the blend.

Rating: 87/100

El Dorado Rum Review 4:

The nose is soooo good! Another one that I can’t get enough of. The spices are there, present but not overpowering. It’s been quite a while since I have sampled a rum with a nose this good. I highly recommend this one. A taste of sweetness followed by more dryness and then a lingering finish of some spices. Overall, a well-balanced rum.

For me it’s a bit too tame. I love big, brash rums, so I’ve been looking forward to trying this one, and I’m afraid to say that I’m underwhelmed. Yes, it’s good. It’s good enough, so I’ll be looking for it again.

This is the sort of rum that the taster for the world renowned Rum at Sea TV program would like to serve. It’s a bit sweet but not too much, and it’s very well balanced.

Rating: 90/100

El Dorado Rum Review 5:

Not a bad rum, but unfortunately I think there will be better rums in the future. The taste is good and has good burning wood notes.

Written by Mark Adams


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