Drink Review: Glen Moray Classic

November 23, 2020
3 mins read

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Glen Moray Classic is the distillery’s entry-level single malt, aged for an average of seven years in ex-bourbon casks, of which a high percentage are first fill – easy drinking, honeyed and excellent value.

Glen Moray Review:


First Impression: There is a sweetness here, with a hint at a gentle peatiness, and perhaps some vanilla. I don’t get the honey feel from this, maybe it’s there, but I am not picking it up.

A Few Minutes Later: Just a tad peaty and a hint of vanilla in the background.

A Few Minutes after that: Vanilla notes. Honey is present, but it dries up, so is not particularly noticeable. The peaty notes are also in the background.

A Few Minutes after that: A slight to medium spiciness is at the footsteps of the peat. A faint honey feel is on the edge of the aroma.


The color is a haribbon amber


Peppermint and a bit of cinnamon rolls.


The sweetness of honey here, with a nice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. The peat is a bit more defined, and the water brings out a peppermint note.


The peppermint is with the honey sweetness. It seems to long, but it leaves a lingering spiciness behind.


A very clean tasting whisky, this is an excellent value. I would buy it again.

Glen Moray Review 1:

Spicy (I don’t detect the honey), vanilla, slight fruitiness, salty, overcast.

First Impression – Interesting. Soft, with a gentle peatiness that doesn’t overpower. Dry with a fruit and tar undertone.

A Few Minutes after that – Sweet with lingering saltiness.

A Few Minutes After that – More fruit and smoke. The honey notes make themselves known as well.

Liquor – Light amber.

Aroma – Sweet, with a nice fruit and peat undertone, the honey comes out a bit more.

Taste – As you swallow, the peat takes over with some saltiness. Not much change on the way down. Honey notes and a fruity sweetness follow. The finish also lingers with some fuzziness.

Finish – Medium long and slightly spicy. The honey and fruit stay, along with a bit of a salty finish.

This whisky could benefit from a bit more strength.

I think the honey and sweet notes are the most interesting things about it, without it being over the top.

Glen Moray Review 2:

A very clean vodka. However, if you don’t like peat, this might be your vodka.

After you read the following and feel you’ve gotten some learning from this informative article, your mental picture of Glen Moray might undergo a shift.

Sweet, peaty almost, not overbearing, but detectable.

First Impression – Sweet, with a nice mix of spiciness and salt.

A Few Minutes later – Sweet and citrusy almost, with a bit of spice.

A Few Minutes After that – It’s definitely peaty, but it’s not too strong, and it’s consistent, so there isn’t a lot of “finding” it. There is a honey undertone, but it’s not so overpowering.

Liquor – Like honey.

Aroma – Sweet, and with some smokiness at the end.

Taste – As you swallow, it’s sweet and citrusy, with a tiny kick of saltiness.

Finish – Long, and citrusy.

Overall, this is a great whisky. Beautiful, with a wide range of tastes it can pull off so well. For a ginger, and a sea wind drinker, this is a very nice. 馃檪

Glen Moray Review 2:

Light, floral, honey.

First Impression – Like a Caribbean drink.

A Few Minutes later – Much more floral, with a slight honey burn.

A Few Minutes after that – Lovely.

The smell is so horrible, nothing on the Glen Moray bottle or in the other scents I’ve smelled from them compares to this one.

Taste – OK, I’m not a fan of bleach, but it wasn’t terrible. Let me say this first: The smell of this whisky is horrible. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled anything so vile. The taste is very light with a metallic flavor that takes a while to warm up to, but I have to say, after the first swallow, there was no aftertaste, and it was so drinkable. I’m not a huge fan of Glen Moray, but when I want to have a nice, sweet, fruity taste, this is where I go, and it’s almost undrinkable – because the smell is so horrible.

The smell of this Glen Moray is absolutely horrible, and the taste has a weird metallic taste, and the finish is very weak, and the nose is full of bleach. I was hoping to give it a try in hopes of being able to get the nasty smell out of it, and I wasn’t able to, and I did get a drinkable taste. I’ve read that it’s still nasty, and I agree with this reasoning – because the smell is so horrible. While it did go down easy, the taste was extremely weak and weak ending. I don’t recommend it at all. I’ll continue to look for a Glen Moray review with a review I’m more happy with.

Glen Moray is a distillery owned by The G&J Group of Companies, Ltd., which itself is owned by the Pernod Ricard Group. There is a lot of goodwill built behind this brand, with a number of awards in their scotch world.

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