Drink Review: Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila

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A 100% agave tequila, as one would expect from the excellent Herradura, produced as the top of their range. It’s made using their best agave plants, the oldest and most traditional parts of their distillery and matured for over 5 years to produce a tequila with a legendary reputation.

Herradura Seleccion Suprema Review:

I can think of a few reasons. The uniquely wonderful taste of this aged tequila is a fantastic starting point, but that’s not where it ends. The way in which this tequila is made and rare materials used to produce it are factors which make it so special.

HerraduraSeleccionSuprema, is bred by the plants, leaves, roots and sap collected from only the finest agave plants in order to ensure production at the highest quality level. Only the purest and most potent of their plants are used to produce the alcohol in their best tequila. This makes the alcohol that they produce extremely strong. The SeleccionSuprema tequila is also a product of their special and more traditional manner in which the tequila is produced. It is not just produced with less water, as other manufacturers have come to do, but with water only coming in to add the strength it’s producers seek to preserve more of the essence and flavours they are producing.

This all means that HerraduraSeleccionSuprema is some of the best tequila, and it’s a testament to what this little distillery can come up with. Deservedly, they have also been in the top three for their tequila for many years. It’s clear that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to producing the best tequila they can.

In the glass

The first thing that strikes me about this tequila is the intense clarity of the liquid, with the classic black appearance of the liquid intensifying that effect.

It has a coffee brown colour and a deep dark hue. Indeed, the first thing I noticed when I actually tasted this tequila was it’s incredible colour and deep hue. Am I drinking liquid gold or what?

I’ve drunk quite a few of these tequilas, I’m kind of a connoisseur of tequilas, but this one was just so intensely deep in hue and colour.

The aroma of this tequila is really captivating. There was a very intense aroma to it which is probably the reason of its deep and intense colour. To me, it did actually seem like I’d put gold coins in a tequila bottle!

The aroma of the HerraduraSeleccionSuprema is instantly hypnotic. The second I poured a bit of the tequila, it instantly gave me a fire breathing dragon. It was a fire breathing dragon which had a golden hue to its fire breathing. ( Truly believe this or not, when we were discussing the aroma of this tequila, one of my co-writers introduced the idea that this might be Jim Beattie’s signature scent after he took over from Blas de Lezo as Head Designer.

The HerraduraSeleccionSuprema, has a unique aroma to it. It’s a touch spicy, arguably a tinge of smokey at first taste, but it’s certainly not overpowering. But it has a very intense and unique aroma which is hard to describe, except I think that if a poet were to try and describe it though some poetry, it would be certain not to come up with words that would capture the essence of it. It’s just so unique.

A touch of sweetness

There is indeed a slight touch of sweetness to the HerraduraSeleccionSuprema, but it’s not a great deal of sweetness. This tequila can certainly be enjoyed as an apertif or as a digestif.

Flavours of deep, rich fruit

As for the flavours in the HerraduraSeleccionSuprema, there are definite flavours present, but the tequila doesn’t have an explosive palette of flavours to it; it’s deep without being overpoweringly strong. It has a very deep rich and full flavour which is probably best enjoyed in the more attentive moments of the day, – perhaps after a meal or after a nice drink. Personally, I’ve found it to be quite a drinkable tequila, although it’s not one that I would use often.

Other than that, it’s well balanced. The sweetness in the HerraduraSeleccionSuprema is quite subtle and the deep flavors aren’t too dominating, neither are they overpoweringly strong.

Its flavour is one of the more unique flavours

Whilst the flavours of this tequila have been described as spicy, the statement that it has been described as smokey it also true. It is indeed a touch of tobacco too, and it does have a hint of the clove spice to it too. But it’s certainly a very complex flavor. The flavors just seem to be so deep and rich and very distinct to this tequila. I do have to say that it’s quite similar to the way the flavours present in the Old Grand Dad’s Kentucky Fire Cured Tequila. The flavors in the Old Grand Dad’s family seem to be complex, as if you are sniffing and tasting something which hasn’t been bitter, nor has it been too hot.

Herradura Seleccion Suprema Review:

A balanced, smooth texture

The HerraduraSeleccionSuprema has a smooth texture to it. It is not as smooth as the tequila that has been put out by many of the major producers.

As with so many other full of character, masterfully crafted tequilas, this one is – although it’s not a highly priced tequila, but it tastes like it cost a lot more than it does. I’ve always had the idea that this tequila would be an un sipped tequila. I always think that tequila which is not sipped – is not tequila. I’d certainly consider it more of a “first” or “proudly sipped” tequila. I’d certainly have it with some ice. It’s a bit too powerful for me to use it simply mixed.

In fact, it’s a bit too intense for me to just sip it neat. It would be great for sipping, but it’s absence of sweetness would tend to make me put a little of the other things in my drink.

I think it’s fair to say that this is one of the best tequilas I have tried. It’s quite rare for me to drink a tequila which is not just an excellent quality tequila, but to also be so honest in its being. It has had it’s dark history, its rich history. It began as the best because it is made with the best parts of the plants. This is one of the tequilas which rose to the top of the best tequilas list which are made using the best agave plants, but it did so purely by being the best tequila.

One of the things that impressed me about this tequila is that it was really impressive in the way it was made. It has a decidedly dark color to it, but it has an even darker history behind it, which makes the tequila a really interesting one to try. On top of this, it tastes like it is far more expensive than it is. This is certainly a tequila I would recommend to any tequila connoisseur.

Written by Mark Adams


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