Drink Review: Hudson Manhattan Rye

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Hudson’s Manhattan Rye is a long-overdue revival of a rye-making tradition that was deeply-embedded on c’s east coast before the advent of Prohibition. As with the Tuthilltown distillery’s other products, Manhattan Rye has been double-distilled and aged in small casks.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey Review:

Buy Now people have their own taste in whiskey. To some, an experienced whisky drinker, nothing beats a cheap, harsh-tasting, “industrial-strength” bland whiskey in a dirty glass — that’s what the young Winston Churchill once said. But to the aficionados in the whiskey drinking scene, the Manhattan Rye from Hudson Whiskey is one of the premier whiskeys in this day and age. Although it comes from Japan, a country that produces no grain whiskey, Hudson Manhattan Rye whiskey is among the best whiskey in the world. Full flavoured, high quality. Excellent packaging. Smooth delivery.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey Sipping Notes:

A smooth aroma of oak, vanilla and caramel touch the nose and the taste buds

Taste: Chocolate, caramel and oak

Long finish with bits of maple, vanilla, oak and hints of brandy, nice spice

Overall, a good whiskey. The flavor is satisfying but the taste is a little too strong for me. The finish is too strong. A good whiskey in my opinion.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey Review:

Buy Now Hand-crafted from only the finest aged 100% rye whiskey, Manhattan Rye rewards the connoisseur with notes of caramel and fruit on the nose with flavors of toasted oak, vanilla and cinnamon.

A smooth and powerful whisky which one could sip all night without getting bored. It’s great taste is just right for a hefty dose of Christmas cheer for those Christmas parties of the New Year.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Review:

Buy Now A smooth, sweet taste with notes of carmel and oak. One of the best refiners of Rye whiskey, Hudson’s Manhattan Rye is distilled from 100 percent rye grain, which provides a bold, robust flavor. Full bodied, rich and even spicy it’s a great whiskey to enjoy with a meal, or on its own on a cold night.

Buy Now Real Rye whiskey with an enjoyable aroma with a light and creamy taste.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Review:

Buy Now Hudson Rye is the last and greatest of a great rye whiskey line. One might expect the price to be lower, but this is not the case. Potential buyers are looking for a rye whiskey with elegance, a complex taste, and an aroma character like that unique sense of sweetness and spice that is uncommon in today’s market.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Review:

Buy Now There is a reason this rye is considered superior to other brands. The first thing to mention about this elegant blend is the aroma. The nose of my flask was filled with the scent of wood, vanilla, and coffee. The taste is non-subtle – real rye whiskey with an enjoyable aroma. I can hardly imagine a better first impression than this. The flavor hits you with coffee, chocolate, and hints of oak. In fact, the flavor reminds me of drinking coffee made from a dark roast. The intense drinkable flavor lasts through the finish where there is an underlying spiciness and warm spice that lasts along with the lingering notes of vanilla.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Review:

Buy Now For a long time, this was my favorite 51 proof whiskey – I still prefer it. The pleasant saline quality reminded me of drinking Anchor Distilling Company’s small batch rye whiskies. The cinnamon and winter spice combined with the dash of allspice gives Manhattan Rye a warm, spicy intensity that balanced the flavor with something a little different than other rye whiskeys. A neutral taste, the rye flavors are integrated, yet not overwhelmed, and the whiskey itself is tasty enough to be great for sipping by itself.

Buy Now This nose had the sweet, spicy, and caramel aromas of a spicy, well-aged Bourbon. The taste is slightly sweet, spicy, and spicy. The finish was spicy and smooth with a slight smoky character.

Hudson Manhattan Rye Review:

Buy Now This is a large bottle, and thus the price. This Hudson rye is aromatic, with a sweet nose of cinnamon and nutmeg. This is a strong rye. The taste is beefy with spicy notes. The finish feels creamy and just sweet, like caramel, with no dryness. For the price, I think it is a good value.

Written by Mark Adams

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