Drink Review: Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old

November 22, 2020
3 mins read

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A pleasing combination of single malts aged in bourbon barrels and in Oloroso sherry casks – something which has earned it the name ‘Twin Wood’. This is a limited edition from independent bottlers Knappogue Castle, featuring fruity, nutty notes alongside a rich mouthfeel.

Knappogue Castle 14 Review:

From the woody, bourbon barrel notes to the heavy and lingering notes of the wine casks, there are many similarities of similarity between the two. This has resulted in this spirit going perfectly well with rich hearty cuts of meat and great alongside a delicious cheese board – a great way to enjoy it.

The sweetness of the casks and the underlying caramel and fruity notes of the wood have met together to create a truly luxurious and lovely whiskey, creating something truly unique.

Knappogue Castle 14 Review:

Tasting Notes:

‘Full and oaky with white chocolate, milk chocolate and cloves notes’ – Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old

Taste: Oak and caramel flavours are dominant as soon as we touch our lips on the glass. Caramel is the dominant flavour here, accompanied by spiced-oak plummage. Hints of vanilla and chocolate are also present. The taste of Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old finishes off by leaving a lingering chocolate, wood and spice taste in the mouth.

Burn: Luckily it’s an extremely smooth burn.

Aftertaste: Spicy oak and spice and vanilla aftertaste.

Dynamics: Softens the spirit out. Only on the end, Knappogue Castle 14Year Old does not remain creamy and soft, but dries out a bit.

What I should have done was sip it. I honestly believe I would have fallen in love with this whiskey.

Presentation: Classic black bottle on a wooden grain label.

Aroma: Vanilla, caramel and nutmeg. Spicy oak and wood.

Palate: Again really strong vanilla and caramel, followed up by a smooth spicy whiskey.

Taste: This whiskey is so smooth to drink, and for a strong tasting whiskey a small sip is enough to coat the mouth. It has a slightly oaky aftertaste, but not too much of it.

Burn: Excellent burn. Not too hot to the point where it burns the back of throat – rather pleasantly warm.

Overall: I do find myself enjoying the Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old.

Knappogue Castle 14 Review:

Taste: Good sweetness with oaky caramel flavours along with spices. Also hints of green and nutty woody flavours.

Palate: Really smooth and feels great on the tongue.

Burn: Burn is relatively mild, however it compliments the Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old well.

Presentation: Average presentation but with a classy black bottle.

Aroma: Spicy, nutty and creamy. A dash of vanilla in there as well.

Knappogue Castle 14 Review:

Taste: Really mellow, smooth finish with hints of spice and caramel.

Burn: Burns nicely, even though it’s a big flavour.

Finish: Very clean finish. Sweet and creamy.

Presentation: A red wine box with a gold wax lid with a black label.

Aroma: My favorite smell of all time. It smells sweet, full and luxurious. I can smell my granddad’s pipe tobacco in the air.

Overall: This whiskey is one of my big favorites.

Knappogue Castle 14 Review:

After having had the chance to do a few blind tastings, I have evolved into a more knowledgeable drinker and respect for whisky.

Overall I give Knappogue Castle 14 Years Old, 9/10 – A wise choice when looking for a nice Irish whiskey with class.

Knappogue Castle 14 Review:

Taste: This whiskey is known for combining the flavors of the wood in Oloroso wine casks with the bold, honey and fresh fruit taste of pure malt whisky. A whiskey that is delicate in flavor with a strong, finishing finish that is sure to delight your palate.

Palate: Tasting of minty honey, bananas (an exotic fruit to most Irish people), strong, warming spices and mild juicy fruit notes.

Burn: A smooth and pleasant burn that is not overly strong or harsh, but one that is warming and feels smooth.

Finish: A good balance and not overly sweet, a lingering aftertaste of fruit and honey.

Presentation: A traditional, round bottle labeled with a wooden stencil.

The Irish expression of strong drink that has been distilled for a period of 14 years is a whiskey rich in taste and full of character.

Knappogue Castle 14 Review:

Taste: A medium to high proof whiskey, Knappogue Castle 14 Year Old is enjoyed by quite a few people but I find that many people do not know how to pair this drink properly.

When drinking this whiskey it is important to introduce it to food to enhance the flavor, something similar is seen in the Scottish Country Whisky.

Overall the experience is smooth, warming and has a hint of warm spices. It is a fairly popular whiskey that is easily available on the market and not expensive to produce.

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