Drink Review: Lazzaroni Amaretto Liqueur

October 26, 2020
3 mins read

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Lazzaroni is a traditional amaretto which has been made in Saronno, Italy since 1851. The company also makes amaretti biscuits, which are infused with alcohol to create this liqueur. This works particularly well in a classic Amaretto Sour.

Lazzaroni Amaretto Liqueur Review:

Pour over ice in a cocktail glass and enjoy.

It comes with a strong almond and almond-based aroma which is fresh and sweet, with a bitter aftertaste.

In addition to the amaretti, which give this liqueur its distinctive flavour, it also contains viognier vinegar, and French Amaretto, another amaretto-based liqueur which gives it a much lighter, fresher flavour.

All details are very subjective to personal taste, taste and scent, but I like the way it goes well in an Amaretto Sour.

The liqueur is quite viscous, but you will find that it dilutes well, so I’d use more than the suggested 2 shots of water per half a teaspoon of liqueur.

I do recommend adding sugar, as it adds a little more sweetness to it, as well as helping to make it more smooth.

Lazzaroni Amaretto is really well priced for what you get.

I recommend drinking on an empty stomach, as the bitter finish can upset the stomach, so favouring Amaretto Sours as your favourite cocktail.

I would also recommend it as a digestive, tooth cleaner and virility enhancer. Although I don’t truly believe in those myths, I do enjoy the idea of succulent and luscious, sexy women that brighten with liqueur.

That… that is my only excuse.

Beer Review: Amstel Gold 16.4oz

Hi, welcome back to the blog, I hope your weekend was rubbish.

I write this video review as I have acquired a lot of Amstel 16.4oz cans recently. And, as I usually do, I have an awful lot of positive evidence to support my claims that it is, in fact, rubbish. Maybe.

I do like to experiment and if I’m going to write a review, I usually have to describe the beers that I like and why I like them. Amstel 16.4oz is a superb beer and was voted ‘Ale of the Year’ in 2012 by CAMRA.

In my opinion, it is a very nice golden coloured beer. Cheap beer is a false saying, as it is gross and awful tasting. A good quality beer is fantastic and you can enjoy it for many years, provided you keep it in good condition.

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Lazzaroni Amaretto Review:

If you fancy a little tasting of the Amstel, then pop a few of the liqueur into the top of your can, along with as much of the beer as you dare to drink.

I would suggest some sugar, as it will add another layer of sweetness and maltiness.

I will be drinking this later with a burger and it will be my sneaky entry to the Review Contests.

I also recommend as a mixer as the bitterness of the brew will add a little kick to it, as well as the sweet, liqueur taste.

I am always anti-Amstel because of its utter, complete, boring blandness, and this makes me feel a little average to the masses, so I’m going to go and have a few.

Cheers for reading, I shall see you all next time.

Tobacco is prohibited by the above review, but I make no effort to hide how much I enjoy smoking.

It is a piece of choreographed, well-rehearsed street theatre.

The trick is to stand in the shade for 45 minutes with headphones on and smoke as much as possible.

I then repeat this in the afternoon, a couple of hours before my jogging session. I then have a convincing fit of coughing and am thrown to the ground by a man in a blue uniform.

I then flee to light a cigarette, huffing and puffing like the deeply pained man that I am. If this is you, then feel free to contact me.

In all seriousness, there is no need to ask questions, I am far too busy being a high-functioning alcoholic.

I mainly use my Supernatural review to remind people how stupid I am, but I am also a semi-professional reviewer.

I am an intelligent, enthusiastic and witty young man. I study politics at university. I drink quite a lot of beer and make some really stupid video reviews (what else do you do?). I am somewhat vain, I have a girlfriend from Hellenic Republic (kudos), I cry when watching Emperor’s New Clothes (do it for the good of humanity), I really like travelling and looking at pictures of cats.

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