Drink Review: Lunazul Reposado Tequila

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A 100% agave reposado Tequila from Tierra de Agaves, Lunazul is part-owned by Heaven Hill Distilleries. The brand has a marketing riff based on the ‘spirit of the wolf’.

Lunazul Reposado Review:

Appearance: For a Tequila with a low evaporation rate, this Tequila measures very well. On the nose, the deep mahogany colour shows a nice sweetness of ripe agave. On the palate, the natural agave sweetness remains. For a high proof Tequila, it does not feel too hot at 96.5 and 95% abv.

Aroma: On the nose, to my surprise, I found a mixture of vanilla and smoke. The nose also has an underlying sharp leathery smell in the background. The vanilla and smoke dominate but a gentle hint of agave is still present. The agave aromas on this version are smoother in comparison to other reposados.

Taste: As with the nose, it is the vanilla and smoke that dominate on the palate. My first sip really did remind me of a shot of Pernod, but with a subtle and pleasant undercurrent of agave sweetness. Along with the vanilla and smoke, the leathery undercurrent was also notable.

The aftertaste turns out to have a vanilla sweet smell to it that makes this Tequila feel even smoother in my mouth. A little bit of heat does sneak in but nothing to worry about.

Finish: The finish is actually very short. What I mean by that is that it is not a long Tequila on the finish. One minute after taking my first sip, the finish of the reposado is gone. It is not a sweet Tequila on the finish, it does not have the heat of a mescencello.

Average: 6 / 10

Lunazul Reposado Review:

The short, sweet, smooth Tequila! Not overpoweringly hot, with a smooth vanilla and smoke taste that lingers for a seasoned agave lover who prefers low proof Tequilas. Great for mixed drinks.

Aroma: This is a smoky Tequila with plenty of vanilla. On the aroma, you can also detect a hint of spiced nuts and coffee grounds.

Taste: The first thing to strike you when drinking the 1783 Tequila is its smoothness. The first character of the Tequila is a smoky smell which carries on to the taste. The smokiness on the palate is bold and persistent. You can notice the boldness of the smokiness on the palate quite easily. The second character is the vanilla. The vanilla is prominent in the taste on the aftertaste.

Finish: The finish of the 1783 is also noticeable. It is long in the way that it gives you a good glossiness and the aftertaste is not too hot. The aftertaste gives you a clean and quite intense vanilla.

Average: 6 / 10

Lunazul Reposado Review:

Lunazul Reposado is not just a smooth Tequila. It is unique and delicious. It gives you both subtle flavours of vanilla and smoky Tequila. It has a strong finish and ideal for mixed drinks.

Aroma: In the nose, the 1783 is smooth and fragrant. It gives off a gentle smokiness. The oaky hints of vanilla are also present.

Taste: As for my tasting notes, the 1783 starts with a lot of vanilla. It gives you an intense vanilla flavoured Tequila. The vanilla on the palate will add a faint smoky element to it. As the Tequila passes through your lips, it will become smoother. Although the smokiness is not as prominent in the taste, it is still there.

Finish: The finish is indeed long. It is not the full body finish which comes from mescencello but it has enough to give you a good afterglow. The aftertaste of the 1783 is a good hint of vanilla. A little heat will creep in but nothing to worry about.

Average: 7 / 10

Lunazul Reposado Review:

Where to begin? The Evan Williams 1783 Tequila impresses on every level. The smoothness of the Tequila and the spectacular Tequila with hints of honey and vanilla and smoky Tequila flavours are enough to get you hooked. Perfect for a sip or a mixed drink.

Aroma: The more you sniff at this Tequila, the more you are convinced of its uniqueness. The vanilla is there but it is subtle. The smokiness is also subtly masked.

Taste: The first flavour of the 1783 is a slick, smooth and intensely sweet vanilla flavoured Tequila. Other Tequilas I have tasted have painted a dark flavour of vanilla on the palate but the 1783 does it in a smooth and creamy way. The smokiness is also subtle. The 1783 is indeed smooth and velvety on the palate. The smokiness on the palate is not overpowering either.

Finish: The finish of the 1783 is not long but it does give you that lingering flavoured afterglow. The aftertaste of this Tequila is a striking mixture of vanilla and smoky Tequila which is a non-aggressive aftertaste. The fact that the smokiness is not overpowering on the palate works very well in favour of the aftertaste.

Written by Mark Adams


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