Drink Review: Macallan 21 Year Old

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Matured in a mixture of sherry and bourbon casks. This range has been around for a few years now and seems to have weathered the storm it caused amongst the faithful when it was initially released.

“A cracker, typical of old (and older style) Speyside. 9/10” Dave Broom, Whisky Magazine

Macallan 21 Review:

On the nose, yes. It is all there like it should be. Some sticky sherry influence with hints of vanilla and toffee. There is also some citrusy and petrol notes, along with coffee and a dark chocolate. The palate is all about the dark fruits, the creamy texture is there but in that sweet vanilla way, the sherry and smoke notes are there too. The finish is all about the sherry and smoke with hints of the vanilla coming in very strongly at the very end.

This is a great blend, with good sherry and oak, lots of smoke and spices, and hints of the best malts in the world. Long and mellow on the palate, everything is there but mellow, and it is a joy to drink.

If you are looking for a great Speyside, or a great Highland whisky that is affordable and not a Macallan release, the Macallan 21 Year Old is a great option.

Nose:  A little old and sherry-fuelled, with a bit of dusty leather that I think comes from The Hanging Man casks used to mature it. Palate: Wow, a lot of sherry again, lots of orange and cherry, some toffee, and some very solid dark chocolate.

Finish:  Long and wonderfully sherry-fuelled, with some toffee and a nice bitter chocolate taste that balances it out. The classic sherry-chocolate finish of old (in fact on the nose too).

Nose:  A lot of wood and honey, a bit of an oak influence, along with some light chocolate and some light vanilla. Palate:  A lot of dark chocolate, lots of wood and honey, but with a touch of salt and a really nice smoke finish to it. Finish:  Long and woody and smokey, with a gentle vanillic sweetness to it. I really like this one.

Nose:  Slight smoke, maybe a touch of tobacco, lots of oak, there is also a touch of sherry and some sweet old leather notes. Palate: A lot of sherry focaccia, some sweet fruity notes, something, I requested more vanilla from the barrels, and some new wood with some toffee and some light chocolate. Finish: On the back of the palate the sherry and dark chocolate were drying out (although they remain), a bit like tropical fruits on the palate, along with some more light oak and a touch of cinnamon.

Macallan 21 Review:

Nose:  A lot of sherry and a touch of wood. Palate: A lot of sherry, some sultanas, some toffee, some really old wood and some vanilla. Finish:  Just the wood and sherry and a hint of patchouli. It is a very long and great finish.

Nose:  Complex, hot summer sultanas, over ripe plums, honey, some butterscotch, and a touch of tar. Palate: A really nice blend, with a lot of sultanas, sweet plums, honey, dates, tannins and a hint of bitterness, coupled with some light wood and a hint of smoke. Finish:  Very long and sultanas based, it is more toffee and honey, with some toffee chocolates and a touch of stale malt, with a dry sherry finish.

Nose:  Hint of old leathers, there is also some sherry, some rose petals and some more funky and camphory notes. Palate: A lot of sherry and oak, also notes of caramel and some leather. Finish: A lot of sherry and oak, coupled with some woodsmoke.

Nose:  A little Smoke, lot’s of chocolate, there is also a light touch of old leather and some fruit compote. Palate: Lots of chocolate and tobacco, a bit of hazelnut, and some coffee. Finish:  Lots of chocolate, wood and coal.

Macallan 21 Review:

Nose: A deep flavour of dark chocolate and coffee backed by some wood and dried fruits. Palate: More chocolate, a bit of brandy, a touch of coffee and a bit of chocolate. Finish: A finish of dark chocolate and coffee.

Nose: The classic Macallan nose is an even mix between smoke, vanilla, malt and sweet fruit. You can also pick up some rose petals and a nice creamy sweetness. Palate: The palate follows with the nose. It is a lovely whole package from the nose to the palate. Finish:  Lovely and long, the finish is dominated by malt, with a touch of dried apricots and a lot of sherry.

Nose:  A complex beast, on the nose you can detect some sweet peat, some woodsmoke, some sweet fruits, some molasses, a lttle bit of light leather and some vanilla. On the palate lots of sweet fruits, a touch of chocolate and a medium smoky character. Finish:  Long and sultanas based, followed by a lovely vanilla finish.

Nose: A complex mix of salty, liquorice, dark chocolate and creamy sherry (Leviathan?). On the palate is the sherry and chocolate and oak flavor, with a touch of salty sea air. Finish: Long and sherry, but it has a touch of light chocolate to it at the very end.

Written by Mark Adams


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