Drink Review: Macieira Five Star Royal Brandy

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A litre bottle of Portugal’s long-produced brandy.Distilled from wines made using local grapes and aged in oak to produce an easy drinking spirit.

Macieira Brandy Review:

The Macieira brandy offers consumers a world of alcohol tastes, complemented by sweet, menthol and citrus notes. However, the combination of five different tastes isn’t very unusual among liquors. It’s relatively common to see, amongst liquors nowadays, blends of Scotch, cognac, anejo, scotch, bourbon and rum. But purely blending alcoholic can be quite difficult and hard to get right, but the Macieira brandy has managed to pull it off.

Macieira is one of those liquors available, which sounds extremely complex in words, but actually isn’t. It’s clear and clean, but in conjuction with the sweet and citrus notes, it winds up being a mind-blowing tasting experience.

Independent Taste Test:

Tasting straight out of the bottle, this could be sweeter and more complex than other classically styled brandy out there. The initial sip elicited very little in the way of expected flavour from a brandy. Rather, the brandy was all sweet citrus, a really smooth taste that was mellow and sweet.

Macieira 5 Star Brandy Rating System:

Tasters rated the brandy on a scale from 1 to 22, where 1 is the sweetest and 22 is the strongest and most intense in taste. In order to qualify, the brandy had to be consistent, and not overly sweet, or overly complex.

“It’s not complex because it’s still quite fresh.”

“It’s not complex. It’s nice.”

“It’s not overly sweet or overpowering. The first sip surprised me because it tasted so good.”

“It tastes like a very light spirit mixed with something, but it’s not that sweet.”

“It’s not overly sweet or complex.”

“It is quite mellow, but it’s not overly sweet.”

“It wasn’t sweet, but it wasn’t complex either.”

“It’s definitely not sweet. It’s still young and the taste has to develop.”

“It tastes light and refreshing. To me it’s an estate brandy.”

“It’s very young and barely developed. It’s quite light and soft though.”

Overall, the Macieira range is nice, and especially the five-star brandy, which has a distinctly different character to its five-star peers. However, with any new brand, it needs time to mature and mature well. The five-star brandy will certainly be offered at a reasonable price, and will probably sell well.

Macieira Brandy Review 1:

However, the Macieira brandy isn’t as “traditional”. It’s created out of a blend of five different alcoholic beverages, which has resulted in a very clean tasting product, with a similarly, but simply blended taste.

Then, aged grapes are dried in order to separate the flavour from the skin. During the aging process, the impurities come out of the wine. The mixed wines are then distilled, lightly aging in oak barrels, to produce a dry product.Afterdistillation, it’s filtered again, with the result being the Macieira brandy.

The Macieira Five Star brandy comes in pretty good flavours, all of which have a slightly different taste. There’s orange and lemon, which gives a sweet, fresh taste.

The juniper flavour helps to create a soft and mellow taste, and a subtle nutty taste. Up to nine distillations are required to create a total of five flavours, but the mixing of the spirits in the distillation process is what makes a distinctively powerful brandy. This time-consuming process has helped preserve the Macieira brandy.

Macieira Brandy Review 2:

This is a clear and clean tasting liquor, but all of the flavours are together in an unharmful way. The Macieira Five Star Brandy is all sweet-citrus, with a mellow taste and subtle flavour.

When it came to me, I was a little bit surprised at the lack of ageing time, but the result, to me, was completely worth it. This is definitely one of those extremely refreshing liquors, with a very simple smell, that won’t last very long.

The Macieira brandy isn’t all that sweeter than most of the other brands, but with a gentle combination of flavours, it’s an extremely pleasant to drink. The bottled brandy with a unique flavour profile.

Macieira Brandy Review 3:

This is an extremely smooth and mellow tasting brandy, with a very pleasing flavour. The strong citrus flavour and bright sweet taste were undeniably enjoyable.

This is a very clean brandy, with a unique smooth tasting flavour – altogether very pleasing. A very nice range.

The Macieira five-star is a very nice, mellow tasting brandy, which lasts very well. It’s very present tasting, quite sweet but at the same time, very clean and smooth. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

The Macieira Five Star Royal Brandy is a very straightforward brandy with an excellent crisp taste. The smell is also very fast-disappearing, which is not uncommon in brandy.

The taste is easy to swallow, and it’s relatively smooth and sweet. This brandy has a very well-blended taste, which is very present, and a citrus-honey flavour, which is quite refreshing.

Macieira Brandy Review 4:

A very strong flavour, with simple long lasting aroma and taste. The taste and smell is very present, and the sweetness is well-balanced. It’s not possible to drink much as it’s quite strong.

The Macieira brandy is very strong and aromatic. It has a long lasting flavour, which is extremely present and just as enjoyable as the smell. The macieira five star brandy is quite sweet, and has an exceptionally sweet and aromatic taste.

Macieira Brandy Review 5:

This is a refreshing, sophisticated flavor, which lasts really well with a soft fruity taste and a soft sweet touch. It’s actually an excellent brandy for all occasions, and the price for the bottle is very reasonable. Due to the very present taste, the macieira five star brandy is very easy to drink without making any big distinctions.

This is a very well-balanced, sophisticated liquor, which has a strong, soothing, fruity taste which lingers whilst travelling down the throat and in the mouth. The Macieira Five Star Brandy has a well-balanced flavour with subtle cleanliness which lasts a very long time.

This is a very strong and a few years in the barrel, will definitely produce an unbelievably smooth brandy, which has a very unique taste. The macieira five star brandy has a mild and mellow bittersweet taste.

Written by Mark Adams


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