Drink Review: Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva

November 22, 2020
2 mins read

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A super-premium rum of exceptional quality. Complex, yet velvety-smooth with a pronounced bouquet and flavour.

Matusalem Rum Review:

Flavours tend towards the bittersweet, with a woody, spicy element and an oily texture to the spirit. Overall it’s a bit heavy in the mouth initially, with the alcoholic burn of the rum leading to a lingering sensation of an oily, oily feeling in the mouth. However, it’s very smooth at the same time.


Matusalem Rum comes with a nose of earthy spice, a bit of vanilla and a strong taste of distillate. A sting of acid.


Matusalem Rum has a medium strength flavor, and it burns a little, but has some bitter aftertaste.

Matusalem Rum Review 1:

Matusalem Rum is a good rum for a spicy cocktail, it matches well with a good ginger beer. It works well with savory and spicy flavors, such as mole, and other dishes.

Matusalem Rum is a good rum for mixing, it’s not a rum to sip, it does not have any aftertaste.

Matusalem Rum is a sturdy rum that can handle sweet and spicy tropical mixers, it’s best when full-bodied rum is mixed with a mixer.

The Taste of Matusalem Rum is very dry, which is unusual for a rum, but can be pleasant in certain cocktails.

Matusalem Rum Review 2:

Matusalem Rum is a rum for mixing, with no strong aftertaste, and its medium strength can accommodate a variety of tropical sweeteners.

Matusalem Rum is well-balanced rum, of smooth texture with a medium to full bodied flavor. It is well suited to mixing.

Matusalem Vintage White Rum is a super-premium white rum from Matusalem. It’s distilled in traditional pot stills. Matusalem Rum is made from 100% sugarcane juice, and stored in ex-bourbon oak barrels. It’s bottled at 45% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Matusalem Rum Review 3:

Matusalem Blanco Rum is a white rum at 40% ABV, and it’s distilled in traditional pot stills, using cane juice.

An authentic rum experience. Experience the complex taste and most captivating aromas of Matusalem Reserva 15.

“At IRI we want to bring you the most authentic drink experiences in the world.

Matusalem Rum Review 4:

“Matusalem Reserva Rum is a blend of aged rums, and it is blended with aged rums, some of the world’s most oldest. Matusalem Reserva Rum is aged in ex-bourbon barrels and bottled at 45% ABV (aged 12 years for the Reserva, 21 years for the Vintage) containing over 130 different flavor compounds, and has an exceptional taste. Matusalem Reserva Rum is best enjoyed with quality ice cubes. Matusalem Reserva Rum is the rum of the future, matusalem here today.

“If you adore the taste of aged pomace, aged citrus and aged oak in rums— then you will most certainly adore the taste of Matusalem Rums. The Matusalem Rums of today, starting with Matusalem Reserva Rum, are the rums of the future.

“This is a premium, handcrafted bottle of rum, and it carries all the qualities of an artisanal rum. It’s aged, and it’s filtered, with all the great benefits of this aging process. The rum is best enjoyed with quality ice cubes, or served shaked gently in an old-fashioned glass.

“Rum is a wonderful and versatile drink. Matusalem has built upon an age-old tradition of excellent rum.

Matusalem Rum Review 5:

“Matusalem Rums have a consistent flavor profile and give an unparalleled experience, which even the most discriminating rum fan will appreciate. Matusalem Rums are made with extraordinary care and show a level of quality and attention to detail that is the mark of an artisanal distillery.

“…the best rum experiences in the world, like in ‘the best places in the world.’ We are certainly not founding that. We built upon an age-old tradition of excellent rum, and we are proud to be on the forefront of a great spirit that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Truly, you are in a sublime distillery, that is a place to delight in the tasting rooms, and to relax in the tastings of rums, (…) explore the wonderful world of rum that our distillery has to offer, and to taste, experiment with tried and true, and to try the new that we have created. With your adventurous spirit, your thirst for rum, and your hunger for a taste of the future, welcome to Matusalem Distillery.”

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