Drink Review: Mount Gay Eclipse Rum

November 24, 2020
5 mins read

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From probably the oldest rum distillery in the world (dating froniekto je ostrý ako britva brandon aiyuk youth jersey cat ayakkabı modelleri diego delle palme borse y not al 70 di sconto bikses mazulim poncho zalando aiyuk jersey ako zrestaurovat bicykel מסלסל שיער גלי jayden daniels jersey eurex brax jeans custom made basketball jerseys sport expander custom made basketball jerseys m 1703), comes this legendary Barbados golden rum. Mount Gay Eclipse is absolutely superb value for money.

Mt Gay Rum Review:

The smell is slightly spicy, almost like kimchi or something. Spicy honey has the same effect on the nose. It is very fresh and light. It has a little bitterness, which is a bit surprising and unexpected.

The taste is also very light, but now it is a bit more distinctive. The taste reminds me of a very peatily scotch-like single malt. It is a great dram, surprisingly smooth and warm.

This is a great rum at a great price. If you want a good value, top quality rum, you should definitely give this one a try.

Cool fact: Mount Gay Eclipse Rum is the very rum they used in the original “Dead Poets Society” movie. That’s where Robin Williams drinks it!

Mt Gay Rum Review 1:

It is very good in taste, iced, I just love it. And the taste is hard to describe. The colour is Golden. The bottle is nice and all. It is very good for drinking at breakfast or with friends. I can recommend it

The smell is sweet and aromatic. It tastes quite peaty with a hint of fruit. But don’t let that last element trick you. This rum isn’t like Hpnotiq or anything like that, it is much lighter.

I taste mostly oak. Just a nice and smooth rum.

Cool fact: this rum reminds me of the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back. Darth Vader drinks it in the bar near his castle. And it also makes a great, refreshing mixer for fruit juices, mixed properly.

This is my new favorite rum. I love it. It has the perfect balance. I think it is the best value rum of its price category. If you can try one sample I recommend it. I think you will love this rum. The bottle is also nice.

Mt Gay Rum Review 2:

I found this rum difficult to review. I think my first reaction to the taste was of disappointment. I had been a huge fan of the other Mount Gay rums and their superb quality.

But this rum tasted too light. I don’t know what happened. Perhaps I had to dilute it ? ? ?

I think it has a “elevated” or “snob” type of taste. It’s very smooth, in a delicious way. I think this rum might be good on its own to help you to feel refreshed and at the same time lift up your spirits.

But it certainly has a great flavor and I also like the way the bottle looks and feel. I had never tried a glass bottle before this rum. And I liked it!

This rum actually has a very pleasant taste. It is quite sweet, not too. I would say that it’s sweetened. It is not too simple and tasteless. And there is a genuinely pleasant taste to the rum and there’s a lot of aroma.

I think this is a fantastic rum. I like the fruit notes like an orange or apple, I like the aroma, I think it tastes of spices. The rum has more taste than its body.

This is a very nice rum. I’m happy to be able to assign it to you.

This rum is made with Jamaican Rum and being a Jamaican Rum, it is a flavored rum, with fruit characters.

I, definitely, highly recommend.

Mt Gay Rum Review 3:

This rum is so smooth, you can drink it right out of the bottle. I like this rum for mixing, as it gives it a little bit of a “kick”. I think this rum is more medium-bodied, which makes it good for mixing.

This rum is not only good, but also a great investment. I think this rum fits you (and possibly even your other friends) on a budget of $10 to $12, but if you can afford it, why not? This rum has it all.

This is actually my everyday rum. I probably could only think of one situation in which I wouldn’t drink this rum. Can I? Well… not really… If I drink too much of it, I could get a little bit too drunk. But I think I’m pretty good at self-control.

I think I will buy a few more bottles. And I’m sure you all can find other uses for this rum (aioli, emulsions, etc).

Mt Gay Rum Review 4:

This rum may have a “fruity” scent, but it is amazing. I really like the taste. The flavor is sweet, but it’s not too sweet, or too harsh. The rum has a very sweet taste, a little bit buttery. There are also slight notes, but I don’t know what those notes are.

I would say that this rum is an absolute “must-try”, even if you don’t usually mix your drinks. I would recommend it as a stand-alone drink and also as a great mixer.

I think you could also try this rum in your menjungging. I didn’t mix this rum with anything, but I think it would be excellent in fresh cocktails.

I would definitely drink it everywhere, if I could.

This rum is great. It is very smooth and soft at the same time. It is exactly what I needed.

I think it is convenient and pleasant to drink and drink and drink. I have been having fun with this rum for a while now.

Mt Gay Rum Review 5:

I really like the taste. It is very well balanced. In general, the taste is hard to describe, but I feel like the rum is floral, but in a different way from a flower-oriented taste. It tastes more like a fruit. It has a very nice and refreshing smell.

I would definitely buy this rum again. It is a little bit on the expensive side, but it is well worth it.

The taste is very intense but not too strong. It is smooth and pleasant to drink. It is surprising how smooth it is.

I like the taste very much.

Mt Gay Rum Review 6:

This rum is on the expensive side, but it is more expensive than Diageo Reserve. But the taste is quite different. (ativan) It is much more intense and more vicious. There is also a bit of honey.

In my opinion, this rum is supposed to give more taste than the Diageo Reserve. In this way, it doesn’t seem like it was better or worse than the other Mount Gay rums, but a different rum, with a different taste.

This is a lovely rum. It is detailed, smooth and well balanced. There are strong notes, but the core of the rum tastes like pineapple. I think that if the pineapple taste was stronger, it would have been extremely good.

This is a good rum. I think I will be happy to buy this rum.

This is a rum of a higher price, but if you are right for it, I think this rum is a great example of what premium everything should be.

The rum tastes like fresh pineapple and hints grass. It is very sweet, very aggressive and very tasty. I would buy another bottle if I could. I’m quite happy with all the rums I have tasted in Jamaica, but not with this one.

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