Drink Review: No.3 London Dry Gin

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An impressive-looking premium gin from famous wine and spirits merchants Berry Bros & Rudd, No. 3 London Dry is distilled in copper pot stills at De Kuyper in the Netherlands, counts cardamom seeds and grapefruit peel among its botanicals, and has been bottled at an invigorating 46%.

No 3 London Dry Gin Review:

Glass: Rocks

Nose: Raspberries and orchid flowers, add to this some fresh strawberries and you have the first flare of the nose.

Taste: This is a bit of a more straight-laced nose to it and I’m getting an incredible balance between the sweetness of the berries and the classic juniper notes. The grapefruit is refreshing and very fruity.

Finish: Long, dry and citrusy. Almost zesty in its composition.

The Verdict:

No. 3 is a dry gin from the UK and I must say I’m a huge fan of the juniper flavouring — I think it’s lovely. It also has a nice citrus element and it’s quite mentholated, but I do wish it had a bit more sweetness to it. It is still a solid gin to have and for me it’s very enjoyable.

No 3 London Dry Gin Review:

Nose: Starts off rich, with a juniper top note that enhances the crispness of this gin. On the mid-palate, notes of citrus fruit, berries and flowers appear, surfacing this gin to a more aromatic level.

Taste: This gin is very smooth in its composition. Quite light on its feet, but when it gets into your mouth, you will find it to be extremely zesty.

Finish: Long with a bittersweet citrus finish.

The Verdict:

I found this gin to be very enjoyable and there was a very strong citrusy-red fruit taste. It was also very fresh, simply infused with a strong citrus flavour.

No 3 London Dry Gin Review:

This is an extremely strong and ambitious batch of gin, and one that doesn’t disappoint. A more straight-forward nose than some, but it’s the taste that stands out here, which is an intense combination of fruitiness and smooth juniper. A very striking gin, and one that’s a welcome addition to the market.

No 3 London Dry Gin Review:

It’s been a long time since I did a nose article and today, No.3 London Dry Gin, is a very good example of how I used to do it. So, let’s get started, The nose on this gin is rather feminine, with a fresh floral edge, a hint of sweet berries, but most excitingly, there’s a slight alcohol call. On the palate, lots of blackberry notes, some grapefruit, and a touch of sweet sugar. A very good mix.

On the finish, the same characters appear, some light sweetness, with the perfect balance between fruit and alcohol, that’s somewhat tobaccoy. An overall great gin, that made me see a new angle on how I would drink. 

No 3 London Dry Gin Review:

A beautiful well balanced, spicy and sweet juniper gin, the nose reminded me a Christmas supermarket, which, if you take into account the name, I’d say is a fair reflection of the style of gin No.3 London Dry is. The spicy juniper notes were balanced with the sweetness of the orris root, making for a wonderful Christmas Gin. Be wary of adding too much sugar though.

No 3 London Dry Gin is a straight forward and easy drinking gin. For me this makes a perfect gin for a base on top. Some base gins like the Woodsy Gin, can get a little too drink with all that juniper. This is a good introduction for new gin drinkers but also a great pick up for the juniper aficionado.

So, my overall opinion of the gin: Well balanced and very entertaining.

After about an hour, the No.3 London Dry tasted like a Gin & Tonic to me, and the flavour never changes. I do like it with ice though, and I really like this in a highball.

No 3 London Dry Gin Review:

On the nose I got a lovely, sweet, orchid. The taste was excellent, lots of juniper top notes and a very powerful kick of spice. It’s a good gin to mix with, and a really nice change from a boring martini.

But the taste is only the 4th stage of the gin’s development. The 8th, the also very good dry-rind No.3 London Dry Gin, is really something to look out for.

Written by Mark Adams


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