Drink Review: Old Pulteney Navigator

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Released in 2013 to coincide with its sponsoring of a yacht in the Clipper Round the World Race, Old Pulteney Navigator was created to reflect the distillery’s rich maritime heritage. It is matured in ex-American bourbon and ex-Spanish sherry casks and bottled at 46%.

Old Pulteney Navigator Review:

Colour: Dark amber

Nose: Bready with notes of tobacco and spicy dark fruit

Palate: Bitter sweet with oaky hints, especially towards the end

Finish: Bitter sweet, oaky with dark fruit

Old Pulteney Navigator is a fantastic whisky, one that I find is hugely enjoyable all year around. It brings a warm cinnamon, vanilla scent on the nose and a welcoming, oily texture to its palate. While its profile leans towards the sweeter side of the spectrum, it remains balanced and well-rounded.

On opening, its rich vanilla and cinnamon awaits while coconut, raisins, and mango join the party, adding a sweet, and not overpowering, oaky note to the mix. As it evolves, the sweetness is still plenty present, but it also insists on woody notes intermingling with its elements of dried fruits, leather, and nutmeg.

It does first seem that the finish was a little weak and slow, but the sweet, cinnamon flavor makes it perfect for sipping. However, if you were to take a long sip, you would be rewarded with notes of sherry and dark fruit, while the woody tannins carry its characterly dry woody finish.

It is firmly of Scotch style with its clean, spicy finish that highlights the flavours of its aged barley. While it is no surprise that it is aged for a shorter time than most, its barley influence remains and renders the end product complex and different from virtually all of its’s malt’s. When blended with its sherry notes, it takes on the added flavor of toffee.

Old Pulteney Navigator Review: 

Old Pulteney Navigator is an impressive whisky that really stands out amongst the whiskies I have tasted this year. I am honestly surprised that this has been bottled for the last two years, for which I have never once had a bottle last longer than 6 months. Despite its age, it is still perfectly approachable and does not feel too much in the way of its other older-style Pulteney’s. Full-flavor lovers would be well-advised to try it, while its only real drawback is that it doesn’t seem to last long. Whether this is because it is a bottled-only product, or it is just destined to live a short life, I don’t know, but for the time being, you will need to hurry down to Orlando’s Total Wine & More to grab a bottle before all are gone.

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Old Pulteney Navigator Review:

Old Pulteney has a long history of making potent gems of single cask whiskies. Founded in 1822 by Captain Archibald McLeish, the family business is one of the longest established distilling companies on Scotland’s west coast. It is steeped in a history dating all the way back to the 18th century, and while it may have been shuttered during World War II, its production has remained strong ever since. The Scotch Whisky industry has been dominated by major distillers for most of the last century, but Old Pulteney has begun to show the world that it is open to the competition.

In late 2012, the whisky world was moved by Old Pulteney’s official sponsorship of Cutter (formerly Norwich Union), a new yacht in the Clipper Round The World Race.

Old Pulteney Navigator Review:

Aged 46 years

46% ABV

Cask: ex-American bourbon & ex-Spanish sherry

Bottled at 46% ABV

Aged 5 years in American bourbon barrels and 12 years in Spanish sherry casks

First released 2013

Old Pulteney Navigator Review:

It is very good in taste,also good in smell, flavor and aroma !!!! everyone says it is one of the orf and best of the best. this is very good!!! It is the smoothest and best Navy Strength Barley Whiskey around the world it is the best.

The smell is so full of active notes. the taste is a smooth and sweet (with a slight burn) the finish is slightly thick and the smell is very full of dried fruit and vanilla which is a great combination.

Old Pulteney Navigator Review:

I was very impressed with this malt. I was struck by the proof which to me was strong and I didn’t expect such a strong taste. As I have only ever had it on ice, I wasn’t sure about the taste straight from the glass. Even though it tastes fantastic, I was extremely surprised by the powerful taste when I had it on ice and for years I have been trying to get this taste on ice. So, if you drink it straight from the glass you won’t taste the taste as much as I did but it is fantastic !!!!

Old Pulteney Navigator Review:

Very smooth. I received it in February and I’m keeping it a little longer. I’d say it’s at the higher end of personal taste. Which is not a bad thing.

Haven’t had this for long but I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’d say it’s higher end of personal taste. Which is good.I’m tasting it a for a short time, but I think it’s perfect. It’s a great whisky. We have had it for a few months. I’m enjoying it. I think it’s a good alcohol.

Cant really spend enough time with it! Getting full of more and more taste every time but so far it’s been fantastic.I used to drink whisky years ago, but now I’m new to it. I think that it’s a very good n special.

Written by Mark Adams


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