Drink Review: Pernod Absinthe

November 24, 2020
3 mins read

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The absinthe from the company that opened the first absinthe distillery in 1805manicotti silicone torino odpady pneumatiky von dutch cap čistenie tlačiarne bikses mazulim obuv sabatky freeze windows 10 automatic repair alianzas el corte ingles burtonin lumilauta Finland new balance the original 608 jomos instapper Belgium benetton shop online pigiama sanitario estivo new balance the original 608 sport expander . Pernod absinthe was the most popular brand until the spirit was banned in 1915, and this post-ban release is inspired by that old recipe.

Pernod Absinthe Review:

This is a fantastic absinthe. I have reviewed the same bottle in the original color. In the past Pernod used to give their absinthe a boost to make it a bit more bitter. They now make this in the original Absinthe style.


This is the closest to the original scent. Pernod used to sell the pastis by the bottle in tiny glass bottles that held about 12-16cl. The ones they use now are the same type. They are both small glass bottles with a red cap. The scent is green with floral notes. There is an underlying aroma that I cannot describe. It’s a kind of sweet licorice aroma.


A little less bitter than the original absinthe. It’s a bit herbal with a distinct licorice taste and a floral tasting finish.

It also leaves an overall sweet taste that varies from drink to drink. Overall an excellent taste that is very strong. There are overwhelming flavors.

I have had this in the original color. The green is darker. I prefer the color. The taste is not that different but there is a subtle difference.


This is an absinthe that is intended to be mixed. The label says it can be mixed to make 2 liter absinthe. I have mixed it with 40% hard liquor to make a potent but also sweet liquor.

Overall Rating: 9.8/10


This is a great absinthe. It is bitter as an absinthe should be. It tastes “like absinthe should taste”. I don’t know if it will get me drunk faster, but it will certainly knock me on my ass.

It is not super bitter like pastis. It is sweet like an absinthe should be.

It definitely does have the licorice aroma and taste.

The taste is strong like an absinthe.


I don’t know if it is the type of glass, but herbs tend to stick to the glass and not rinse off so easily after I pour the drink.

I don’t know if that’s how Pernod glass their absinthe, but you’ll have to wipe the outside of the bottle with your finger to get the aroma out of the glass.

Why I like it:

It’s a good absinthe. I recommend it. It is more drinkable than the original recipe and more tasty. It’s worth it. It’s something different.

My Verdict:

I like this. It’s a good absinthe and it’s not too expensive. The more I’ve had, the more I like it. I recommend it.


Drink Quality and Taste are subjective. Drinking this or that based on reviews might not always be the best idea.

Pernod Absinthe Review:

Pernod Absinthe Review: Green Liqueur.

The Green Liqueur was then a very popular drink in Paris as well as in New York’s bars. It was made with hypsisi-olic acid, fresh herbs and the purest grain spirit. The Green Liqueur was very strong but also very aromatic with a stunning sweet taste with a long finish. We currently don’t have a documented history on the origin and the ingredients of the beverage because no label has been preserved.

The concept behind the standard drink is that the spirit, the herbs, the balsam and the water are poured together, so that all ingredients react harmoniously. You shouldn’t use any coloring or additives in that mixture. The best place is still the barrel with a good oak wood. 

In the museum, there is still a lovely bottle. This is a potent drink which has been missing for generations.I believe that this is the closest to the original intense Green Liqueur and the taste will be in your mouth. Of course the bitter Green Liqueur will also be in your mouth, but it should be bitter enough because that’s the way it has been from the beginning. The taste, aroma and flavor of the drink will change somewhat in time but the essence will be the same. 

Therefore, my opinion is: Try it. If you are not used to the taste of absinthe, you can dilute it with a little ice water, but make sure that you feel the absinthe again when you are drinking it. I hope this information was useful for you, because Pernod Absinthe is, to me, primordial and complex.

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