Drink Review: Pierre Ferrand Reserve Double Aged Cognac

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As the name suggests, this Cognac has been aged in two types of cask: first in traditional French oak Cognac casks and then in those which previously held a type of French fortified wine called Banyuls. Sweet notes of orange cream, spice, red berries and just a touch of rich oak.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Review:

This cognac, aged for ages in a single cask, is deep, powerful and bold. Cloves, raw sugar and toffee sauce run through the warm, rich texture. Accompanied by notes of soft dark chocolate and pure vanilla, it tastes of the finest leather, liquorice and almonds.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Review:

Luxury is a theme here. This a rare treat for those who appreciate the finest, and one which delivers on a grand scale. Scented with sweet apricots, this is a succulent golden elixir of intense freshness with a touch of bitter almonds.

Spices and rich, sweet notes come through in this cognac. A cream and buttery taste is overt through this strongly aromatic, sweet cognac. Long on the palate, with notes of dark chocolate and sugar.

This is an intense and inspiring cognac with a texture which is nourishing and velvety in the mouth. Lots of spices run through this cognac. This is a harmoniously powerful blend of spice, fruit and butter.

This is a rich and well-balanced blend of fruit, spice and milk chocolate which all work together to create a fragrant, beautifully sweet, distinctive flavour. An Old World cognac with Old World passion.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Review:

This could well be the finest cognac I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Smooth and herbaceous on the palate, it also has a powerful sweet taste. Everyone should experience this rare drink.

This is a brilliant cognac, deliciously rich and beautifully structured. An elegant and refined cognac which tastes like old Cognac. It is scented with candied orange peel and toffee sauce, with a hint of meringue. It is composed of heavy notes of spice, citrus and sandalwood.

This is a high quality, delicious and refined cognac which tastes of fresh fruit. Flavours of sandalwood and rose petals burst out through the warm, almost oily texture. It is an extremely fragrant cognac which powerfully transmits its fragrant aromas.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Cognac Review:

This is a rich, complex and interesting cognac. This is a highly aromatic cognac with loads of flavour and a strong, pungent, rich aftertaste. This is a very special cognac which can do a great job of lifting a heavy meal.

This is a mellow cognac with lots of spice. It has an almost perfumed, fruity bouquet and tastes of notes of blackcurrant and sour cherries. A complex and powerful cognac which has a clean, dry finish.

This is a magnificent redolent of orange and spice. A complex mixture of dried citrus peel, praline, prunes, maraschino cherries, golden honey and toffee that is rich and robust.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Review:

This is a rich and complicated blend. Espresso coffee, dark chocolate and a note of orange. It has layers of dark, bitter, sweet and light notes. Smooth and warm with a long spicy finish.

This is a beautiful cognac with a distinctive vanilla and cocoa flavour. With notes of ripe fruit, delicate and intense. A warm, sweet and sweet notes with beautiful, fruity aromas.

This is a great tasting cognac and a real treat for those who like their cognac with a little more bite. This is an intense, powerful cognac which tastes rich and creamy. You really can’t beat it.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Review:

This is a full flavoured and highly aromatic cognac with a fruity bouquet and sweet, yet ‘hot-on-the-palate’ aftertaste. This is a rich, balanced and complex blend which tastes of honey, fudge and (I swear there is a hint of cigar toffee or marzipan in there as well!)

This was my first cognac and it was more than acceptable. This is a serious, well-made, smooth and elegant cognac. It has a velvet texture with a full, rounded flavour. The exotic notes of cocoa, cinnamon and red berries are wonderfully harmonious.

This is a very good-quality Cognac with a full bouquet and a sweet, velvety, aromatic flavour. There is a fine balancing of flavours with barely perceptible bitterness. This has a long, smooth aftertaste with lovely flavours of cognac.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Review:

This is a very good quality sipping Cognac. This is an incredibly smooth, velvety and luxurious cognac with a well-balanced blend of spices and fruit. The full flavour lingers in the delicate, velvety aftertaste.

Pierre Ferrand Reserve Review:

I was a little hesitant to try this brand, but I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth, silky texture and the sweet, rich flavour. Fresh notes of blueberries, honey, vanilla and a touch of almond are all mingled together.

This is a well-made cognac. This ballsy world of modern cognac is as easy to wield as a Roman fasces. Strong extract, sweet and spicy tones carry the distinctive impression of dark chocolate and liquorice.

Written by Mark Adams


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