Drink Review: Pitu Cachaca

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A bottle of Pitu’s traditionally made silver Cachaça. Pitu was founded in 1938 in the Pernnambuco region in the north east of Brazil. This makes an excellent classic Caipirinha.

Pitu Cachaca Review:

Pitu Cachaca is a national treasure from the Pernambuco region of Brazil. This is the tip of South America where the mighty Amazon pours into the Atlantic Ocean. The cachaça is made from the plentiful sugar canes grown in this region much like the rhum agricole from the French islands of the Caribbean make the spirits that bear their name. This is the base ingredient in Pitu. The aging of the spirit in Spanish and American-oak barrels gives the (80 proof) spirit a stunning complexity beyond the nature of its raw source. That is if you can find it.

Production Methods:

Pitu Cachaca uses local canes grown in the sandy soil of Pernambuco. The juice is fermented in open vats. Distilled, aged in oak barrels for up to 4 years. This is a traditional method used since the inception of the company in 1938. Pitu “keeps it real” by keeping it traditional. You won’t see any fancy marketing schemes here. If there is one place in the world that needs no fake marketing schemes, it is Brazil. These are people who celebrate life.

The spirits are clear with a bright gold color. The nose is decidedly sweet with a hint of vanilla. There is some oak and spice very subtle.

The flavor is very soft and well blended. Slight oak nuttiness, vanilla cream, that natural sugarcane essence. You may need a drop of water to open it up. The aroma from the vapor is sweet. With the addition of a twist of lemon or lime, this goes down beautifully.

Cocktail ideas:

The Caipirinha. This is Pitu’s specialty, perhaps even their claim to fame. The best of the best use Pitu. It is considered by many to be the best Cachaca on the market. It is utterly necessary to make Caipirinhas from Pitu Cachaca at least once in your life. Its heady nose makes it seem like it can be mixed into a cocktail, then later brought back to great realization afterward.

  • Ingredients: 2 oz Pitu Cachaca
  • 1/2 Lime Wedge
  • Ice
  • 1/2 tablespoon Salt

Directions: Roll the lime (wedge) on a board to soften the skin. Remove and chop the remainder of the lime and place on a small plate with the salt. In a traditional caipirinha glass, place the chopped lime at the bottom. Put the glass directly on the top of a flat mixing area. Add ice. Add Pitu directly on top of the salt and lime. Put the edge of a bar spoon on top of the glass for a little while to help release the aroma. Mix the entire drink, and fill halway with ice. Serve with glass or stalk of celery.

Pitu Cachaca is only available in some local liquor stores in states that the cachaça is sold. It can be purchased on Amazon and comes in a 10-pack and 25-pack. It comes in a number of different sized bottles and also in different flavors: Cachaça, Cachaça 64, Silver, and Cachaca Creme. This is a very tricky one to find.


Body: Very soft and smooth

Nose: Sweet with a strength of vanilla.

Palate: Very soft, with a delicate hint of wood. Just the slightest bit of bitterness. Reminds me of cream soda and soda water. Very subtle.

Finish: Lemon, lime, grape juice. Then it becomes a little more traditional. Cream soda, a hint of pepper. White herring? Is it pickled? No, I think not. After about 5 different dimensions, they all blend together into one that slowly fades away. This reminds me of the way the hair on your arms stand up when they are aroused (like the feeling when a woman is walking behind you in a wool coat). In that sense, it is almost electric.

I have very high expectations for Pitu Cachaca. Perhaps a bit too high. My rating is based on previous experience with the brand. While it scores low on some levels of the rating, I place high value on the range of depth and exploration that is offered by this spirit. Recently I visited the Pernambuco region and had the opportunity to drink Pitu Cachaca with the bartenders of the region. I also had the opportunity to sample Pitu Cachaça in both a traditional glass and traditional sugar cane. There, without a doubt, Pitu impressed me. It has a pinnacle quality found in few other spirits. Pitu is the spirit that the masters make when they are perfecting their craft. It is one of the few spirits that I could drink hard, and drink again, without a doubt.

Written by Mark Adams

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