Drink Review: Tanqueray No.10 Gin

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A super-premium small-batch Tanqueray gin named after the No.10 still in which it is made. A superbly controlled explosion of botanical flavours, with much more citrus character than its Export Strength cousin.

Tanqueray No 10 Review:

Tanqueray No.10 Gin is a slightly more lightly carbonated, 60°-70° proof, small-batch Tanqueray gin named after the No.10 still. Normally balanced sweetly with a touch of bitterness and a slightly savoury herbal note. This is enhanced by the slightly higher distillation temperature.

Firstly, we would like to note that Tanqueray No.10 is a very well-balanced, and well-rounded gin. Typically Tanqueray 10 is an interesting tasting experience, and many people will find it difficult to put their finger on the precise taste. I tend to like it better on the rocks than straight, unless its rare to find something to pair it with.

You can feel the difference when No.10 is on the rocks.

Tanqueray 10 Gin is well balanced, with decent amount of botanicals to play with, it really depends what you like! It is true that the sweet note of No.8 is much stronger than the bitter note in 10, so if you like that, then this will likely be a good choice.

On the rocks, the sweet notes really sparkle.

Tanqueray 10 is a good cocktail choice, but suitable for both gin and whisky. We recommend it for cocktails that call for Tanqueray.

All in all, we feel the bottle design of Tanqueray 10 Gin is a bit underwhelming, and the new packaging has messed up the presentation. However, to be fair, it varies – the bottle pictured above is one of many on the shelf below, all of which are cool and throw in different twists during bottle decoration. We feel it is personal preference, as the gin itself works well. If you are interested in ordering a bottle, a dealer should be able to assist you.

At the end of the day, Tanqueray 10 Gin is a solid quality gin, with a flavour profile which does not need a lot of special attention, but might put off palates that require thick, clear, and savory notes in their gin. Because of that, it would be best for those who prefer to enjoy gin a little on the mellow side, and have a more interesting gin to add to a mix.

Tanqueray No 10 Review:

Tanqueray 10 is very well balanced between the flavours, and is the best of the Seven.

Interesting tasting notes of wormwood, rosemary, and pine. suitable for a martini, although not first choice in those cases.

Tanqueray 10 Gin Review:

Tanqueray No. 10 is significantly less bitter and smokier than the standard gin, slightly sweeter and more cucumber-forward, so it is more suitable to classic martini taste.

Tanqueray 10 Gin Review:

After two or three drinks the sweetness starts to clear up. This is not too sweet for a water but a good serving of sweet vermouth, such as Noilly Prat or Aperol, cleanses the palate without overloading on sweetness or making things too dry.

No. 10, when drunk as a single, has a little more fire than the standard No. 10, with its stronger bite, but No. 10 itself provides a lot of flavour.

Tanqueray No. 10 Review:

No. 10 is the best of the Seven Gins. It’s sweet and balanced, with no harsh edges and great complexity. A whiskey drinker could easily replace their standard whiskey with Tanqueray No. 10 and not miss the flavor.

Tanqueray 10 gin Review:

The citrus notes are the best on Tanqueray 10 – a little musty and herbaceous, as if you have left a lemon tree in a loading bin.

Tanqueray 10 has a lighter, more vibrant finish than its older brother, No. 8. Ships better in the bottle, as it is slightly lower in proof, though in the glass can be identical.

The tanqueray 10 is very smooth, and is a perfect gin to enjoy after a long day of walking around London. Not too sweet with a nice slight bitter finish.

Tanqueray No. 10 Review:

Tanqueray No. 10 Gin is powdery; soft in your mouth, yet with that dry character of floral, citrus and substance. Very classic. You can almost imagine drinking this out of a silver collar with fancy glass.

Tanqueray No. 10 is an ideal choice if you’d like some more spice and bitter notes, or if you’d prefer a citrusier gin. It’s a very classic gin with hints of herbs and citrus.

Tanqueray No 10 Review

Tanqueray No 10 is a pretty classic gin, in general, and can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in a variety of cocktails. Tanqueray 10 features a slightly less floral and sharper spicy note.

The Tanqueray No. 10 has a nice yeasty flavour which is quite different to the Tanqueray 9, but a good deal more interesting than the Tanqueray 8.

Tanqueray 10 Review:

Tanqueray 10 is the premium small-batch Tanqueray gin, and is a superlative small-batch gin. It’s best in a martini, but also works well in any dry, hot weather cocktails.

Written by Mark Adams


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