Drink Review: The Pogues Blended Irish Whiskey

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Dubbed the official Irish whiskey of the legendary band, The Pogues is made in Skibbereen, west Cork. This blended whiskey is sweet and intense with notes of malt and cracked nuts.

The Pogues Blended Irish Whiskey Review:

The first time I heard about The Pogues was when I was at a bar (in Philadelphia) with a friend whose grandfather was Irish. I mentioned to him that we were both big fans of Steely Dan and he suggested we listen to The Pogues because of their connection to the band. I got The Pogues “The Mayor of Macau” album (which I still have) thinking that it would be right for the occasion. Plus, it’s a pretty fun album. I can still remember the song “Thousands Are Sailing” from that album.

The first time I tried The Pogues was at a bar in New York City. It was my first night of drinking in the city. I ordered a Bailey’s and the bartender handed me the first glass that I saw. (Valium) It was The Pogues and I was impressed right away. The second time I saw The Pogues was in Richmond, VA at a bar called Ray’s Happy Hour. I ordered a Jim Bean and it came topped off with The Pogues. The bartender said that The Pogues was his favorite whiskey in the house. I tried them both again (Bailey’s and The Pogues) at Ray’s. I like The Pogues more, but the Bailey’s is a good mixer with beer, and I drink a lot of beer.

Real Irish Whiskey should be drunk mixed with a beer, or a traditional Irish whiskey like Irish Mist. The reason that The Pogues is the same price as Irish Mist is because they are NOT Irish Whiskey. They are a blend of mostly malted rye and some bourbon. It is not a bad whiskey. It’s not bad. I don’t like it and I’m a whiskey-drinker, but I like it.

One of the things I love about The Pogues is that it’s Irish-whiskey for hipsters. It’s good whiskey for not being Irish Whiskey. I also love that it’s used in so many cocktails. The Rum Swizzle is a great drink.

I’ve also liked the Blue Mountain flavor of The Pogues. I think it’s delicious. It’s pretty strong and it has a lot of age on it. The flavor is mild and sweet and it’s a great family whiskey.

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The Pogues Blended Irish Whiskey Review:

The price and the taste make The Pogues a drink to slug down if you’re drinking in a bar with a diverse crowd. It’s a good drink if you want to feel grown up. 

The Pogues is well worth the money. I told my husband to get a bottle for himself, and still he hasn’t done it. He’s almost 30, and he hasn’t had what most people would call an alcoholic beverage (or even a single glass)…yet. I’m a big fan of The Pogues. I like The Pogues. I didn’t think I would, but after this review I know I will be having more.

In places with soft, or agressive water such as Dublin, the the original country, the water to whiskey ratio can be heavily affected by the water. The best remedy for this is to add a dash of bitters, which compliments it’s natural sweetness and bitterness.

The most common amount of bitters to add to the drink is two-fifths of a teaspoon. The bitters used here is orange bitters which is taken from the orange peel

“It has been my pastime, my avocation. And it is so rewarding because of how difficult it is to learn. You see, there is not one take on it – real whiskey, great whiskey, perfect whiskey – it is all so subjective. And if you think about whiskey, in essence, it is whiskey in a bottle with a label on it.”

The Pogues are a band.

The band is from Ireland, but it’s based in New York. A lot of people think of Irish whiskey when they hear the name The Pogues, but this whiskey is not Irish Whiskey. It’s a blend of mostly malted rye and some bourbon. It’s not bad. It’s not bad. I don’t like it and I’m a whiskey-drinker, but I like it.

The tastebuds in your brain are very sensitive to palates. The blended whiskey offers the ease of a blend, but looks and tastes like the spirit in your brain. You will be able to tell the difference if you add the orange bitters in the whiskey. The orange bitters builds a high-end taste that is all emulated.

Since the blending process takes time, you will need to order it in-bar, or from the barkeep. Like I said, most bars don’t know anything about Irish whiskies, and is not their job to educate but to serve, even in a bar. If you take charge and order a whiskey in-bar, they will have no choice but to serve you well if they want to keep you in business.

The drink isn’t bad, and it’s almost honest to drink. That’s because it’s a blend of malts and grains with a small amount of bourbon. The bitterness of the rye will round out the sweetness. The orange bitters will give you an excellent taste to palate.

It’s definitely worth trying. Just keep in mind that it’s a blend with a small amount of bourbon. Don’t expect Irish whiskey, and with the amount of booze that you are about to drink, drink responsibly.

The blend itself is pretty good. It’s not great, but it’s definitely worth checking out. 

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Written by Mark Adams

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