Drink Review: Tomatin Legacy

November 22, 2020
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The 2016 relaunch of Tomatin Legacy has been aged in a combination of bourbon barrels and virgin-oak casks. The rest is a whisky brimming with notes of vanilla, marshmallow, pineapple and lemon.

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

“The Tomatin Legacy is the excellent matured version of The Tomatin 10, an 8 year old Speyside single malt… The Legacy aims to retain the beautiful mellow Speyside profile, but also adds wood notes and toffee in the finish”

A Dram review by KUDOBACON

“On entry, I was greeted by the nose of toffee and vanilla. On the palate, I was greeted by good oak and spice followed by a smokiness and hints of smoke and pine.”

“Her Heart’s Not In It, But She’ll Drink It” Dave Broom writes about Tomatin Single Cask:

“It’s elegant, discreet, and like many of the single-malt offerings is really meant to be sipped gently and enjoyed throughout the winter’s months.”

“As you start to sip, the dram develops into an intense mix of ashes, oak, apple, cinnamon and sweet citrus. The finish is sweet and rich, with a fruity note, dryness and a lingering hint of spice.”

“Tomatin Legacy on the nose is huge, with sweet vanilla and golden honey. Behind this are wee toffee notes giving the nose a subtle smokiness. It is very delicate and sublime on the palate. There is sweet, soft oak on the palate. In the mouth you find this intense sweet floral honey with more delicate oak. In the finish, the toffee notes are cleaned up and taken over by golden, spicy cinnamon.”

Tomatin Dualchas Review

“Yet again, another great Speyside, with an amazing bouquet. I wonder what whisky it is trying to emulate? Unlike a lot of the Glenfiddich range, Legacy is not heavy on the oak and spice, but there is an undercurrent of sweetness and, in the end, a quite long lingering finish that hopefully means this will have vibrant aftertaste that will make it last.”

“What is the best way to describe Legacy Tomatin? It is very close to a single malt expression of Macallans. Unfortunately it lacks the richness of the Macallan and, to some degree, it is lacking in the sweetness and complex balance of other full-bodied peated whiskies – although it is very good indeed!”

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

Tomatin Single Malt “Strong cinnamon, toasted nuts and yellow orchids. Slightly sweet and balanced.” “Striking… The strong sherry influence puts into overdrive the lightly toasted rye malt notes and the spicy peat is melded into a caramelised butterscotch bottom.

“Tomatin  is one of my favourite single malts – it is almost perfect. It is just delicious despite its unadulterated strength and age; I would further recommend a glass to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. However, the dual-maturing 20yo does something that I have not seen before in a single malt – it adds spice to the mix, and a distinctive note that can only be attributed to Japanese whiskies.”

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

“By the time it makes its appearance a few minutes later, I’m in ta-tum-tom-tom with its bottle…Wild going for the masses and any scotch drinker who knows what they’re doing. I’m reminded of Tattinger Dry Curaçao, which is also distilled/matured in Scotland. “

“At the end of the aromas, there is a hint of smoke. The viscosity is medium. The initial flavours are zesty, fruity, sweet, then dry at the end. There is also a dominant smoky note that makes it quite interesting and unique.”

“The Tomatin was absolutely delicious and one of the best whisky I’ve ever tasted. It’s the first time I actually feel I’m drinking a “great whisky”.

“It’s very balanced and the body is medium weight, with bitter and dry finish.”

“At the end of the nose there’s some sweetness, but it’s reduced and then there’s a fruity component with a fair amount of oak and it’s medium weight. “

“The palate is very slightly sweet with the first flavour of a slight menthol.”

“It’s medium body with a fair amount of oak, then it’s dry with a little boozy finish.

“You can drink it neat, and it’s a very easy drinking whisky, rich, but very easy drinking.”

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

“Thick toffee, dried apricot, deep earthy malt, sweet oak”

“The Tomatin is a textbook example of what the word sweet should taste like.”

“The palate is clean and dry with powerful sweet tropical fruit and piney earthiness.”

Tomatin “On the nose, I was greeted by a mix of citrus fruits: lemon, lime, orange, white grapes, kiwi, grapefruit, grape and mandarin. This place the nose in a category above Glenfarclas 10 (which is my favourite nose).

“The palate is very smooth; there is a prominent oak, spices and fruits. It is a very good blend and Tomatin really pulls it off in a massive way.”

“The Tomatin is sweet, rich and flavoursome but very dry on the palate like a lightly peaty whisky!

“It’s very smooth, very balanced and a great level of liquid resistance despite its length.

“This one really isn’t for everyone but I’d recommend you try it at least once.

“Yes, you have tried better but you’ve never drunk a single malt that’s surpassed the Tomatin.”

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

“The Tomatin is surprisingly fruity and sweet, which makes it another great single malt that deserves its success.”

“On the nose, the Tomatin  has distinct cherry and grape notes. The overall aroma is a fruit salad of cherry, grape, and orange peel.

“The palate is twice as big as expected, with more taste than I expected in the nose. This is very sweet, luscious and fruity. It is also so smooth, it might be dangerous.”

“The Tomatin  begins with a complex symphony of dark sweets, hints of orange and some hints of peat smoke.”

“The Tomatin  is very smooth, but the flavour changes a little bit.”

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

“Tomatin is a very smooth and sweet dram here. It’s basically elegance! “

“Tomatin is very complex, very sweet and great how it goes down, with a dry and leathery finish.”

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

“Tomatin is a rich and complex whisky full of long-lasting flavours and spanning the elements of earth, smoke, oak, spice, sweetness and vanilla. Despite the availability at many retailers, the Tomatin  has a very high value. “

“Tomatin is another good example of a sweet, low-peat, sherry-matured whisky. “

“Tomatin has an aromatic oak and smoke note. It’s smooth, sweet and fruity with a long, lingering finish. It’s nice.”

“Mature yet pleasantly fruity.”

“Tomatin is full of fruity, dark earthy liquorice. It’s very sweet, round, and full bodied with a long, lingering finish.”

“Tomatin is a sweet, fruity, spicy whisky with a long, lingering finish.”

“It has a sweet, soft, earthy taste with a hint of pepperyness in the aftertaste. It has a smooth, soft mouth feel and a very long finish.”

“A sweet, fruity, well-balanced whisky, but a little bit sweet so if you like it a little bit drier, try the Highland Park 12.”

“Tomatin is very good. It has a smoky aftertaste and slightly sweet. But it’s a smooth and sweet finish that’s very pleasant.”

“Tomatin is a very fruity, sweet whisky with a smooth long smoky finish.”

Tomatin Dualchas Review:

“The Tomatin is sweet with a dry, nutty finish.”

“A full, powerful, sweet fruity whisky with a smoky finish.”

“The Tomatin  has a very large nose, with notes of strawberries, bubblegum, and angel fruit. It’s also got a lot of oak, oak wood, and a real woody smell to it.”

“The Tomatin  begins with roasted nuttiness. It has chocolate rush like chocolate does when you’re in a rush for work and not prepared. The Tomatin is full of chocolate and sweetness with slight oak notes. “

“The Tomatin  is very smoky. A spicy, smoky finish. And the Tomatin  is the place where it really shines.”

“The Tomatin  is sweet and fruity with a spicey finish.”

“This was a whisky from the Highlands sweetened with sherry.”

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