Drink Review: Windsor Canadian Whisky

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Windsor is a long running Canadian whisky brand often exported to the USA. Easy drinking, as demonstrated by its old Mountie laden advertising campaigns – The smooth Canadian.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review:

Nose: Sweet and crisp with some candied orange peels and plenty of vanilla.

Taste: Medium bodied, fairly sweet, toffee and a mellow corn character.

Finish: Light and well rounded with more of the same vanilla notes as the nose.

Overall: A nicely balanced and approachable easy drinking whisky with a rich vanilla character.

Conclusion: A very nice example of a Canadian whiskey. Well done Windsor. It’s no wonder the Canadian whisky industry is so big.

Rating: 85/100

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

It is very good in taste !!! I like it and I think that the price is fair for such a quality alcohol !!! A whisky which is enjoyable from the first sip. Very smooth and light in taste, not too sweet. I think that is a good price for such a good product. The bottle is beautiful and I like the design of the bottle.I love this whisky and I think that is a perfect match for the taste of aromas, you can taste the sweetness of the Canadian ice. Overall, this whisky works well and I will buy it again.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

I can recommend Windsor Canadian Whiskey. Very good possibility for everyone. !!!!

Is this whisky worth trying?: If you like Canadian whiskys, this might be one you will find appealing.

Pairing: Windsor Canadian Whisky with sushi for light, easy drinking.

This one was very smooth and tasty on tap as well as neat. Lots of taste and I really enjoyed it. It has a nice rich vanilla flavor to it that I have not found in many whiskys.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

A really good whisky that you can enjoy on its own if you want but it’s also great in cocktails. This was a very pleasant drinking whisky. Good balance between sweet and dry and the after taste was sweet caramel. A nice Vanila taste.

Very sweet & tasty on the palate. Good body & after taste. I would recommend this to anyone. I like straight whiskey. A little strong on the nose, still good in taste. If you like whiskey, I’d recommend it.

I would recommend Windsor Canadian Whiskey to lovers of Canadian whisky or whiskey.The taste is pleasant. It is a very smooth whisky. This whisky is an excellent product for all peolple. I give it 4 stars because it is a very good product.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

It’s a whisky that you would recommend to friends and family. It is a good product with a very good after taste.

I couldn’t tell that it was less expensive than the other one theirs. It has a strong taste. I like it.

I love it! The color and the look is perfect! Thank youh!

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

Probably the best tasting Canadian Whiskey. It gives a mellow taste. I love this product.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

A very good product. So far the best Canadian Whiskey I have tasted. Very nice taste.

A very good quality product. Nice flavour and excellent presentation. Given a very high mark of 4 stars.

Windsor Whiskey is a good product. the colour is more darker than it seems in the picture, but it does not change the taste of the whisky. I recommend it.

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

Good whiskey, very smooth and pleasant. I am completely satisfied. I would recommend this product to anyone.

It is a very good product. A sweet taste. Very good price-quality ratio. I recommend!

Windsor Canadian Whiskey Review: 

I’ve had not very good experience with Canadian Whiskey so far, but with this one was different. It is quite good and it has a very pleasant aroma and taste. I would recommend it!!!

An excellent blend. It is very nice on the nose and on the tongue. I would recommend it.

This one is very nice. It has a nice, sweet aroma. I would recommend it.

I give this 4 stars because it is a very good product.

This one is a pleasant whisky. I recommend this product to everyone.

Written by Mark Adams

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