Fix It and Forget It: Meal Ideas That Don’t Require Clean-Up

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Let’s face it; cooking isn’t the hard part of a meal. It’s the clean-up and aftermath in your kitchen that’s not so fun. Even with high-end features on your dishwasher, this is a task that you may loath to accomplish. Read these meal ideas that don’t require clean-up. Reduce how much cleaning time you spend in the kitchen.

Sheet Pan Meals

A sheet pan meal is the perfect kind of meal for easy clean-up. Choose your meat of choice, a carb of choice, and your selection of vegetables. One example of this is sausage, sweet potato, and broccoli. Mix these ingredients together in a bowl, add seasoning, and place them on a sheet pan. Then, into the oven they go! Enjoy the easy clean-up and yummy meal.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot or crockpot is another great meal idea that doesn’t require clean-up, creating a lot of dishes in the process. Add your desired ingredients into the pot, set your settings accordingly, and voilà!

Chicken, rice, and mushrooms are one example of an easy meal to cook this way. Place the water and rice at the bottom of the pot, then pour your heavy cream into it. Squeeze a little garlic and lemon juice around, then stir. Next, add your chicken and surround it with mushrooms. Of course, feel free to add more vegetables to the mix. Once it’s done cooking, all you have to clean is a mixing utensil and the pot itself.

Slow Bake Casserole

A slow bake casserole will keep all your ingredients in one single cooking pot. There are a plethora of baking casserole recipes online, but one in particular that may add ease to your mornings is a breakfast casserole. On your baking dish, spray some PAM and add cut-up bread to the bottom. Next, pour an egg mixture of whisked eggs, milk/heavy cream, salt and pepper, garlic, sausage or ham, and your choice of vegetables. Once you’ve eaten your slow bake, all that’s left to clean is your casserole dish.

Written by Richard Agama


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