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Looking to Lose Weight Fast? Let these Books Help You

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Losing weight is tough as it is, but doing it fast is even tougher. That’s why you should consider the top quality advice in the highly recommended books we’ve compiled in this list. Check them out below!

Curing The Incurable? Cookbook

This product was recommended by James Robinson from Iconic Genius

As Gary has written extensively in my own publications, we as a nation are facing an unprecedented, widespread disease that is, quite frankly, shocking for our relative affluence and accomplishment compared to other nations around the globe.

These amazing recipes will help you:

  • Live longer by dieting smarter
  • Create a thriving, healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoy and understand the benefits of juicing

Keto-Green 16 by Anna Cabeca DO OBGYN

This product was recommended by Mary Eva from N/A

In Keto-Green 16 Dr. Anna has mapped out an easy-to-follow, plan that will help increase energy, lose weight, and achieve hormone balance and mental clarity. The best part? You will see and feel the results in 16 days! Plus, it’s easy to shop for because it’s only 16 ingredients. Why is this important? By adding alkaline foods to the traditional keto diet, the program is easier on the body and the mind. Meaning bye-bye keto flu and belly fat! And hello to a diet that won’t result in inflammation and negative side effects.

Did we mention there’s a vegan version of the meal plan for all the plant-based lovers out there? Her approach is being hailed by dozens of doctors and best-selling authors across the nation and will be officially released on May 5, 2020. The Keto-Green 16 program is made for men and women of all ages and has proven results (case studies available upon request).

Walk Your Way to Better by Joyce Shulman

This product was recommended by Christina Towle from BuzzBright PR

This is a book about walking your way to better. Everywhere you turn, people, podcasts and gurus promise a simple path to the life you want. But few of them work. Why? Because simply reading the words is rarely enough to call your heart and mind to action. This book is different. Each section provides a thought-starter, insight or story. But I don’t want you to just read it. I want you to read a section and then lace up your sneakers and head out the door. Because while walking, your brain processes in a unique way, enabling you to recognize the things that are truly holding your back and the changes you actually need to make. You will literally Walk Your Way to Better. Along the way, you will forge a powerful connection between your mind and your body. And bonus — you’ll feel better and become fitter.

The Absolute Last Weight-Loss, Diet, & Exercise Book You will Ever Need To Read by Arthur E Apolinario MD

This product was recommended by Mike Richards from Golf Einstein

Apolinario’s book is filled with quick, easy, and effective routine filled with scientifically-backed strategies. Not only are these efficient, but these techniques also target all aspects of holistic health, reassuring the reader that he/she’ll be able to maintain a healthy mind and body while staying in shape.

FASTer Way To Fat Loss by Amanda Tress

This product was recommended by Linda Morgan from MotivationNook

Tress walks readers through the fast track to weight loss after you’ve literally tried it all. The key components of weight loss are explained, as well as sustainable lifestyle tips to boost fat loss and increase energy levels. FASTer Way To Fat Loss includes recipes, tips, and most importantly an educational foundation to sustainable, fast weight loss!

Life In The Fasting Lane by Jason Fung

This product was recommended by Eve Mayer from FastingLane

I wrote the book that I need during my 24 years of trying to overcome obesity with diets, exercise and three bariatric surgeries. Intermittent fasting enabled me to get to a healthy weight and feel like my insides matched my outside. This book is written by me – the voice of the best friend, a Doctor who is a leading world authority on fasting and a researcher who has treated 1000s with fasting. It simplifies a complicated topic and makes it accessible to anyone wanting to lose 3 pounds or 300 pounds as quickly as possible.

Fastest Way to Lose Weight by Diana Polska

This product was recommended by Syed AliHasan from Film Jackets

The best solution to losing body fat and belly by Diana Polska. It’s one solution that contains 700 scientific references to make your lifestyle better.


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