The Ultimate Kitchen Hacks for Home Chefs

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Whether you love cooking from home or need the motivation to cook at home more often, cooking hacks are useful for every home chef. Keep reading to discover the ultimate kitchen hacks for home chefs to make your home cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Pre-Heat or Chill Your Dishware

One kitchen hack that will change the quality of your meals forever is pre-heating or chilling your dishes before you plate your food. After slaving away over a delicious meal, you don’t want it to return to room temperature right away. Pre-warm your dishes in the microwave or under hot water to trap the heat from the food longer. You can do the same thing for cold meals as well—just run your dishes under cold water or stick them in the refrigerator first.

Save Bacon Grease

When you’re done frying a pan of bacon, you can save the excess bacon grease for all kinds of time-saving and delicious cooking hacks. For example, you can quickly and easily season a new cast iron pan with a bit of preserved bacon grease. You can also substitute oil and butter with preserved bacon grease when you fry vegetables, rice, burgers, and more.

Use Your Stand Mixer for More Than Mixing

Most stand mixers either come with or support different attachments for performing different tasks. You can even get creative with your stand mixer to turn boring and tedious tasks into quick work. For example, kneading bread and other doughs takes a lot of time and elbow grease, but you can easily let your stand mixer take over with the dough hook attachment. Another way to save time is by using the paddle attachment to shred cooked chicken. This is perfect for quick meals!

Soften Butter Faster

If you forgot you needed softened butter for a recipe or to top your side dishes, there’s a more reliable way to soften it than popping it in the microwave. Instead of leaving the entire stick out on the counter, cut it into smaller cubes. The less surface area and density, the faster these small butter cubes will soften. Plus, they’ll be in perfect shape and portion for topping your bread, baked potatoes, and more.

Try some of these ultimate kitchen hacks for home chefs to make your next meal prep easier than ever. With these tips, you can elevate your meals and cut down on the time it takes to prepare them all at once.

Written by Richard Agama


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