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Now, after we know what the blue screen error in Windows 10 is, the next question is what can we do about recovery blue screen Windows 10. As we mentioned before, this error can occur after you upgrade Windows, while booting Windows, and during use, so we list various solutions based on these 3 situations. (xanax) If here no hardware related issue, above methods will surely fix the blue screen error on Windows 10. This can also be done using ‘msconfig’ option or you can even boot in safe mode by using F8 key at the time machine starts. A number of Windows users report on Microsoft forum / Reddit Disable Fast Startup Feature Fix Most of the blue Screen Error For them. Fast Startup Which Reduce the startup time and make windows start faster.

You can also press “Advanced options” to try other solutions to repair your PC. After scanning, you can see all found files are listed in a tree view in the following window. Now, you can select all the files you need, and then click Save to store them. It is recommended to store all in another drive that works properly. Having done that, apply at most one fix at a time and restart your computer.

  • If a memory module is failing, it can cause program instructions and data to become garbled, which causes Windows to behave unexpectedly.
  • A Microsoft support staff reportedly told one user that the warnings could be due to a problem with the Windows.old folder.
  • System Service Exception is one of Windows BSOD errors, along with many other ones, such as DPC Watchdog Violation, Bad Pool Header, or System Thread Exception Not Handled.

However, the most common reasons for those BSODs, including this one, are corrupted Windows system files, corrupted or outdated Windows drivers, or even viruses & malware. Additionally, there are some online tools and software applications that will come up when you do a search for troubleshooting for the blue screen. Not all of these tools and applications are trustworthy. If you aren’t absolutely certain about the source of the tool or application, you should not use it.

Option Four: Run a Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade Repair

You can also manually set these via the Local Security Policy MMC snap-in. Apache comes with a utility called the Apache Service Monitor. With it you can see and manage the state of all installed Apache services on any machine on your network.

See our registry definition for further information and related links. Users running earlier versions of Windows may [Link] want to substitute Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 with REGEDIT4. Try AVG TuneUp to clean up your PC, free up space, and boost performance — with no hassles. If you bought a physical disc or retail copy of Windows 10, you have a product key located somewhere on or inside the original packaging. If you bought Windows 10 online directly from Microsoft, you have a digital license. With physical copies of Windows, the Windows 10 or Windows 7 activation key is often hidden behind a scratch-off inside the original box.

How to restore Registry from secret backup on Windows 10

Being an independent website, Systweak has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. Also, Systweak is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, nor does it claim any such implied or direct affiliation. In the comments section, let us know which method helped fix the issue. Try to play the video; YouTube running slow issue should not be fixed. Select the data you want to delete and the time duration.

Type “check for updates” in your Windows search bar to find Windows Update Download Here. Use this feature to update your drivers and software and improve stability. However, new drivers can rarely also cause system errors. You could try rolling back the changes if a new driver triggered BSOD problems. Blue screen errors were adopted by Microsoft since the beta version of Windows 1.0.

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