About Toast Fried

Food has such a deep and developing meaning in us all. It can be a hobby, an expression of passion and an investment of time. But whatever category you fall into, it will always be a necessity. Here at Toast Fried we cater to all your needs. Need a quick scan to find a recipe? We have got it covered. Dedicated to finding the latest trends or wanting to jump the gun and hit the trend before it becomes mainstream? This is the place to be.

We at Toast Fried have created a platform in which everyone no matter what background, race or religion can come and use this as a resource. They say cuisine is one of the foundation blocks of culture and we totally agree. This is why we have deployed our team to work with industry professionals and natives of different regions to collect and collate the best content from across the globe. 

Word of warning. Food can be great when consumed responsibly. We are all for eating but eating within yourselves. It is not beneficial to anyone including yourself to be irresponsible where your diet is concerned. The main cause for some of the many health problems of this day and age can be linked to poor diet. So please be responsible, your health is the most valuable asset you have.

If you have any recipes, experiences or would just like a chat, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

Our Mission

My gran could do better! And she’s dead!

Gordon Ramsay

Established to bring light to food related companies around the world and share ideas and recipes to one another, Toast Fried provides our readers with data-driven analysis, interviews, and food industry-related news to allow for the food industry to flourish and grow. Here at Toast Fried, we have a simple and profound purpose – To bring light to differing ideas and thoughts on the shared passion of food.

Toast Fried Journalistic Principles

Our team of journalists and contributors are steadfast in upholding the utmost standards of ethical practice in our food journalism. We are committed to conserving a legacy of integrity that stands firm, driven by a stringent code of conduct that resonates with the core values of food journalism. Our dedication to transparency and honesty is unwavering in our dealings with colleagues, competitors, sources, subjects, and our readership. We nurture a professional culture where ethical queries are welcomed and tackled, empowering our team to safeguard the ethos of our reporting.

Innovative Food Content

At Toast Fried, our quest is to unveil and spread knowledge and stories that enhance and grow the flourishing food industry. We strive to convey these concepts with exceptional clarity, providing a platform for thoughtful and strategic engagement, exchanging ideas and useful information that can benefit anyone passionate about food. Through meticulous analysis, dialogues with culinary leaders, and sharp commentary, Toast Fried delivers informed, global perspectives on culinary matters that are essential to diverse businesses and food enthusiasts.

Commitment to Transparency and Accuracy

Our reporting is rooted in a commitment to upfront and clear food journalism. We engage in comprehensive research to confirm the credibility of our sources and ensure that all parties involved in our stories are given an equitable opportunity to respond before publication. Our loyalty is to the truth, without any concealed motives. We are scrupulous in crediting every questionable fact to its origin, persistently preserving impartiality and balance in our reporting.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Within the ever-evolving realm of food journalism, we embrace continuous growth. Our resolve to learn, adapt, and enhance our journalistic practices is constant. The input from our readers is not merely received; it is a crucial component of our progression and our pursuit to better serve our audience.


Here at Toast Fried, responsibility is the bedrock of our work. We take complete ownership of the content we circulate, and should errors arise, we are committed to correcting them promptly and transparently. Our allegiance to integrity confirms our status as a reliable and authoritative source in the field of food journalism.

Interested in Contributing to Toast Fried?

We consider every correspondence from our readers and subscribers to be of the highest priority. Rest assured that your messages will be carefully considered by a member of our team equipped to address your queries or concerns. For those interested in contributing, please review our guidelines for contributors. If you have any stories or topics you wish to bring to light, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].