CBD Beverage Ideas You Have To Try

February 9, 2021
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CBD Beverage Ideas You Have To Try

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CBD boasts a variety of great benefits. Whether you’re new to the CBD industry or you’re a veteran who simply dislikes the taste, adding an isolate or tinctures to your favorite beverage is a great way to reap the benefits in a tastier fashion. Check out these CBD beverage ideas you have to try if you decide to venture into the CBD world.

Coffees and Teas

Adding CBD to coffee and tea is an excellent choice for caffeine lovers. Use products like CBD isolate in your coffee or tea to calm the caffeine jitters and extra stress from your busy day.

Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Believe it or not, CBD and alcohol do mix. CBD won’t mitigate any alcohol effects, but you can use it with alcohol to still feel its effects, like anxiety and pain relief. Try a few of these popular CBD cocktails:

  • CBD sangria
  • Gin and CBD tonic 
  • CBD mint julep 
  • CBD cosmos

A Smoothie

Arguably a margarita without the alcohol, a smoothie is a fresh and healthy beverage option for adding CBD. Try including your favorite CBD product in a refreshing fruit-filled smoothie to get your daily share of fruits while enjoying the benefits of CBD. Grab some fresh fruit, yogurt, milk, and a dash of CBD for a relaxing, filling, and refreshing beverage option.

Chocolate Milk

Are you looking for the perfect muscle recovery drink? Then chocolate milk with CBD is the ideal option for you. Chocolate milk is already a staple post-workout drink, but with CBD, it can be even better. CBD is excellent for muscle recovery, making your chocolate milk serving even better for building and soothing muscles.

Next time you’re considering using CBD, try throwing it in one of these CBD beverage ideas you have to try. If you’re looking for something more potent, grow indica seeds (you can buy them here).
. These strains fit the needs nicely, producing high-yield buds you can be infused to drinks. These drinks definitely won’t disappoint.

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