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11 Best Basic Nutrition Books Transforming Eating Habits

Nutrition books that will actually convince you to make changes

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Educating ourselves about healthy eating is the best way to ditch unhealthy eating habits. For instance, learning about the number of unnatural ingredients in fast food, it’s much easier to skip on the drive thru.

However, food shouldn’t be scary. Humans should love food, and these amazing books focus on the good as well as the bad. Knowing more about how exactly healthy eating affects our moods has motivated the whole office to bring in home-cooked healthy foodstuffs. We’ve never looked back.

That’s why we’re keen to show you these transformative nutrition books that lean on scientific findings and the expertise of wise nutritionists. They might be the best alternative to torturous dieting!

My Little Black Book For A Healthy Non-Diet Lifestyle

This product was recommended by LoriGardiner

My Little Black Book For A Healthy Non-Diet Lifestyle

The Little Black Book is a non-diet approach that will you short, easy-to-understand, methods to overcome your mental barriers for weight control through a permanent, long-term lifestyle change. Make My Little Black Book your “go-to” reference guide in situations such as supermarket shopping, cooking, and recipe modifications, meal planning, business luncheons, social events, restaurant eating, physical activity planning, and behavior modification strategies.

How Not to Die by Michael Greger

This product was recommended by Savaş Ateş from Good Book Summary

From the physician behind the wildly popular website, How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death.

The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

This product was recommended by Savaş Ateş from Good Book Summary

Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones—in everyone—and only by understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss.

Wheat Belly by William Davis

This product was recommended by Savaş Ateş from Good Book Summary

Renowned cardiologist, William Davis, MD explains how eliminating wheat from our diets can prevent fat storage, shrink unsightly bulges, and reverse myriad health problems.

Sweat. Eat. Repeat. by Nisevich Bede RD CSSD LD

This product was recommended by Pamela Nisevich Bede from Swim, Bike, Run, Eat!

This nutrition guidebook takes readers on a 90day journey towards better health and performance. Along the way they learn the basics (and more) and develop a healthier relationship with fuel. The author imparts motivation, guidance, and tough love based on experience gleaned from guiding thousands towards better health and performance. The book blends nutrition advice with a habit tracker and food journal, equipping individuals with the skills they need to make lasting nutritional and fitness changes.

Body Transformation Meal Plan Design by Nick Mitchell

This product was recommended by Ben Kenyon from UpFitness

Getting in incredible shape follows a very clear trifecta for success – the right exercise regime, optimal stress management and the correct diet. Far and away the most challenging factor for most people is getting to grips with the diet, and yet paradoxically it is the simplest to establish. So many people new to bodybuilding jump from one fad diet to the next, but the actual diet that is optimal for most people follows a few basic principles. This book teaches the fundamental skills of nutrition and setting up a diet for long-term success, which apply across the board, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto or anything else in between. It provides a blueprint to be able to create your own diet with the tools and knowledge to understand the core principles of nutrition and how to construct a sustainable meal plan that works around your own specific preferences, lifestyle, eating habits and bodybuilding goals. It takes you through the whole process of creating a body transformation diet and meal plan from calorie targets, macronutrients, meal planning and prep and creating your own recipes to get real results.

12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient by Dr. Patrick Quillin

This product was recommended by Dr. Patrick Quillin from GettingHealthier

Cancer has escalated from a once obscure disease to a leading cause of death worldwide. Chemo, radiation, and surgery can reduce tumor burden but do nothing to change the underlying causes of cancer. Enter the need for this book, which provides the keys to unlocking your body’s incredible capacity to heal and regenerate itself.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin

This product was recommended by Dr. Patrick Quillin from GettingHealthier

Optimal nutrition can reduce the risks of developing cancer by up to 90%, hence it is a strong preventative tool for everyone. And nutrition can dramatically improve quality and quantity of life for the millions of patients who are being medically treated for cancer. This book provides a well-documented approach for using an aggressive nutrition plan of foods.

The Wisdom and Healing Power of Wholefoods by Dr. Patrick Quillin

This product was recommended by Dr. Patrick Quillin from GettingHealthier

The Ultimate Handbook for Using Whole Foods and Lifestyle Changes to Bolster Your Body’s Ability to Repair and Regulate Itself America is at the brink of a health care meltdown. Whole foods and harnessing nature’s wisdom may provide the answers to many of our health challenges.

Protein Power by Michael R. Eades

This product was recommended by Ali Hasan from Film Jackets

He describes the basic diet of a person like vegetables and meat. The bad impact of refined sugar on human body. A valuable book for every age of person to maintain the diet.

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

This product was recommended by Leslie Kiel from CompareLifeInsurance

No matter what’s chosen as the new superfood or which diet fads come and go, I always fall back on the knowledge I gained by reading and rereading Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food. The heartbeat behind his no nonsense, researched based manifesto is this: “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much,” and those seven words changed the way I think about and interact with food since I first read the book a decade ago. In Defense of Food is hands down the best book I’ve ever read or heard of on the topic of nutrition.


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