11 Latest Diet Books Everyone Should Read In 2020

April 9, 2020
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Dietbooks aren’t reserved for those wanting to lose weight or gain muscle. It’s all about finding what works for your body. These diet books are our top picks because of how applicable their advice is.

Their small bits of guidance on how to alter your eating will help you feel better and healthier. There really is no better way of improving your habits than taking the advice of top-tier dietitians (every book in this list is a qualified professional expert in diets).

The Ultimate Performance Cookbook by Nick Mitchell

This product was recommended by Ben Kenyon from Ultimate Performance Personal Training

Every year there are a slew of diet books covering the latest fads which people follow for a few weeks before giving up when they see little or no results. The one unifying problem all of these healthy eating guides have is they don’t teach the fundamentals about calories, macronutrients, how to create the ideal weight loss meal.

This is where the Ultimate Performance Cookbook is different. It comes from Nick Mitchell, the founder of Ultimate Performance, the world’s leading personal training business. Nick and UP have helped tens of thousands of clients achieve remarkable body transformation results, including Glen Powell (Top Gun 2) Kevin McHale (Glee) and Olivia Colman (The Favourite). The book brings together the nutritional know-how of Nick and his elite training team with the flavours and finesse of U.P.’s team of professional chefs with 190-plus delicious recipes that can help anyone achieve real results.

Every recipe in the book is under 500 calories with exact macronutrient calculations that can be tailored to your specific diet requirements. Nick sets out his Rules for Healthy Eating which have laid the foundation for tens of thousands of successful U.P. clients to eat and live as healthily and enjoyably as possible, for life. It lays out the tried-and-tested formula for creating the optimal ‘body transformation meal’ which for each and every recipe in the book. There are also detailed meal plan examples showing how you can create your own ideal macronutrient-calculated weekly meal plan using the recipes. This book is the antidote to archetypal ‘diet fare’ and the scores of recipes that claim to support healthy weight loss but are nothing but abstract without the right macronutrient and calorie profiles.

Start Where You Are Weight Loss by Shelli Johnson

This product was recommended by Shelli Johnson from Start Where You Are Weight Loss

This is not a diet book but instead a book about changing your mindset about eating and your relationship with food. I’ve lost 160+ pounds naturally and kept it off for 8 years and counting. The key to effective and permanent weight loss is to answer this question: /if it’s not about food, then what is it?/ This book will help you answer that question for yourself so you can eat what you want, lose the weight, and keep it off. The book has been featured in PEOPLE magazine, PEOPLE TV, The Charlotte Observer, FOX46 Good Day Charlotte, and NPR’s Charlotte Talks. If you’ve ever been afraid of food, felt ashamed of your body’s size, been on a diet or lots of diets that didn’t work out for you in the end, felt trapped by eating guidelines, and/or given up on trying to lose weight, know this: You are not alone.

This is not just another weight-loss book, it’s also an invitation for you to delve deeper into who you are so you can keep the weight off permanently. You will: learn why you use food in a way it was never intended and how to change that, discover what works best for you and your body so you can honor your own preferences., master how to create a lifestyle that is true to what matters deeply to you so you can become the person you envision yourself to be. My hope is that you’ll use these pages to facilitate your healing, realize your amazing potential, and free yourself from diets and dieting forever. I hope this book will be a source of inspiration,motivation, and encouragement for you to create a life that you love and a body that feels like home to you.

The Food Journal by Boxclever Press Ltd

This product was recommended by Jeremy Evans from Boxclever Press

This lightweight book will help you to stay on track of your healthy eating plan, whatever your goal. Record your food and water intake, your calorie consumption and your daily exercise for 13 weeks and improve your health along the way. A new body measurement tracker is a great way to record and celebrate the physical changes you see during your health journey. You can even set your goals and rewards to maintain your focus and reflect on your progress on the new weekly summary pages. Plus, there’s expert nutritional advice to follow along the way to help you achieve diet and fitness success!

Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison

This product was recommended by Tim Bigknee from SightsAndInsights

With the rising awareness of holistic health, 2020 is the year for intuitive eating. This book dives into why obsessing over what you eat is detrimental to your health and how diet culture is at the core of our unhealthy eating habits. With this in mind, Anti-Diet teaches you the concepts behind intuitive eating and how living your healthiest life means cultivating a healthy relationship with food.

From Flab to Fab in 8 Weeks by Allison Jackson

This product was recommended by Allison Jackson from Allison Jackson Fitness

Tired of fad diets and the never-ending struggle to lose weight? Now you can learn how to crush your fitness goals, eat the foods you love and get healthy! In 8 weeks, go from flab to fab with this step-by-step guide.. Learn the tools and strategies so you never have to diet or starve yourself again!

Food Fix by Mark Hyman

This product was recommended by Osama from Outfitrs

Dr. Hyman has a wonderful way of breaking down a complex topic and giving you bite size pieces. Just finished Food – What the heck to eat? and it was a wonderful example of this! Diving into this new book, Dr. Hyman does it again! I’m an avid follower of Dr. Hymans great wisdom and practical life still he speaks of all the time!

The Nourished Thyroid by Nicole Morgan

This product was recommended by Nicole German Morgan from Thyroid Dietitian LLC

Thyroid disease has become increasingly prevalent across the world, and many are at a loss of what to do about it. Many understand that diet plays a role, but this book simplifies many of the complexities. The book also contains many vegan recipes, low allergen recipes, and many options for substitutions so that each individual may personalize it for their needs.

Plant-Based Diet Cookbook 2020 by Annie Oliver

This product was recommended by Simon Hansen from Best Sports Lounge

Annie Oliver’s Plant-Based Cookbook offers healthier and easier-to-commit-to food options to add to your healthy diet. Remember, what you put in is what comes out!

Low Carb Cookbook With 4 Ingredients, by Pascale Naessens

This product was recommended by Pascale Naessens from Lannoo Publishers

As Pascale says: “first and foremost, this is a book filled with delicious recipes.” With these 65 recipes made with just 4 ingredients or less she has reached the apex of simplicity. She proves that, even without a lot of time, you can prepare delicious, beautiful and healthy food with recipes that take between 10 and 25 minutes to prepare. ‘Lack of time’ is no longer an excuse to keep falling back on ready-made or takeout food. Pascale uses everyday ingredients and manages to bring them together into surprising and delicious meals that take your busy schedule into account and help boost your energy.

Atkin’s Diet Plan by Brandon Herrera

This product was recommended by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

Atkin’s Diet Plan is the perfect book for people who want to have a healthy diet, but just don’t know where to start. The book comes with a three-week meal plan that’s a helpful start to your healthy journey.

Renal Diet Cookbook for Beginners 2020 by Jacob Hoffman

This product was recommended by Syed AliHasan from Film Jackets

This 4 Week meal plan by Jacob Hoffman will give you the best healthy lifestyle you deserve. Simple guide to nutritions for diabetic patients that is fast, easy and delicious.

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