4 Ways To Increase Your Craft Brewery Sales

March 7, 2022
2 mins read
4 Ways To Increase Your Craft Brewery Sales

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The craft beer industry is booming as an increasing number of small brewers open. If you’ve already founded your own brewing company, you know how competitive the marketplace can be. Continue reading to discover four ways to increase your craft brewery sales and cement your place in the market.

Host Local Events

Many people love to consume beer made where they’re from. Although major regional craft beer markets can be challenging to crack, focusing on hyper-local expansion provides you with ideal growth opportunities.

Hosting events for your community is a fantastic way to promote to customers eager to sample and support local companies. Social events to consider include music and food festivals. Being a vendor at such events will allow you to reach out to local clientele.

But it’s even better if you’re creative and think outside the box. For instance, utilizing TV screens for menu boards is a surefire way to draw attention at these events. With these screens, you can showcase your craft beers’ names, prices, and unique details in an engaging format.

Not only does it attract more customers visually to your stall but digital menus also allow quick changes and updates based on the stock available or specials of the day.

Understand the Market

While your target audience may be straightforward, various craft brews may appeal to distinct kinds of drinkers. You must have a firm understanding of the demographic you want to appeal to. A certification program can improve your market expertise, allowing you to execute practical sales-boosting actions.

For example, you may use popular flavors and develop your own with a distinctive twist. You must also be well-versed in your product’s features. Distinct types of beer have varying ideal storage temperatures that you must know of or risk ruining the taste or losing yield due to spoilage.

Create a Brand

Even if you already have a fantastic product, you must distinguish yourself from the competition by developing a brand identity. Your identity should take bits of your personality, ideals, motivation, mission statement, and other elements to demonstrate what makes your brew unique. The more you instill your true self in your brand, the more it will stand out in the marketplace.

Market on Social Media

Finally, you should take advantage of social media. Anyone can sell a product on social media using various strategies, including photographs, videos, and audio combined with hashtags. You can establish your beer brand on social media to spread awareness while spending minimal money on marketing.

You could also pay influencers to help spread the word about your craft beverages. Social media should guide your marketing plan since practically everyone uses social media, and you can promote your craft brews for free on your own social media pages.

Tapping into these four ways to increase your craft brewery sales can be a huge help when you’re just starting. Just remember that there’s no one way to find success. Your journey will have its peaks and valleys, but you can give yourself a solid foundation with the above advice.

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