9 Knowledgeable Food Blogs to Read Online

The food lover’s blog reading list.

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Reading about food is an even more intense experience than just watching it. Why? Because with the written word we get every single tasty detail of just what goes into making your favorite dishes. A barrage of little tricks and secrets that are lost when presented on tv are all contained and explained in detail when glancing upon the pages. Reading is required if cooking is your deal.

Beyond watching the food channels on TV and YouTube, reading blogs about food not only makes you an expert in its preparation, but it also allows you to connect with a community of thousands of other readers that share your passion and with whom exchange knowledge at leisure. Learn all the secrets and be a part of the community by reading the best food blogs online.

#1 Clean Eating Kitchen

The Clean Eating Kitchen travel product recommended by Carrie Forrest on Toast Fried.

Clean Eating Kitchen has gluten-free and dairy-free recipes for women recovering from chronic disease.

#2 The Smiling Onion

The The Smiling Onion travel product recommended by Shel Horowitz on Toast Fried.

I recommend because her recipes are creative and her narratives are beautifully and humorously written, because all her recipes are vegetarian and gluten-free, and because the photography always makes the dish seem very appealing. I also appreciate that she tests each recipe several times.

#3 Pick Up Limes

The Pick Up Limes travel product recommended by Ashley Vourazeris on Toast Fried.

If you are looking to have a couple days a week where you get your veggies in this is the site for you. She always takes into consideration how much nutrition each meal gives you and has such variety. She also has a YouTube channel to help show you her ideas.

#4 Donal Skehan

The Donal Skehan travel product recommended by Ashley Vourazeris on Toast Fried.

Donal Skehan is another really good food blogger. Recently he has appeared in some tv shows and always has a great variety of foods from every corner of the world!

#5 Wendy’s Way to Health

The Wendy’s Way to Health travel product recommended by Wendy Hodge on Toast Fried.

I’m not strictly a food blogger, my focus is on everything that contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. My recipes are quick and easy, with the emphasis on using healthy ingredients to make great tasting food. Most of my recipes have evolved from my desire to “healthify” my favourite snacks and breakfasts.

#6 Nom Nom TV

The Nom Nom TV travel product recommended by Misa Chien on Toast Fried.

Nom Nom TV is a cooking vlog for busy moms. Videos consist of topics from easy weeknight dinner ideas, to how to spice up your kitchen by shopping at Asian supermarkets like 99 ranch market.

#7 The Gestational Diabetic

The The Gestational Diabetic travel product recommended by Traci Houston on Toast Fried.

This recipe blog address a niche that no other food blogger addresses. It provides answers to questions about gestational diabetes with linked evidence-based research and gives helpful tips from from someone who experienced it herself.

#8 Chef Tariq

The Chef Tariq travel product recommended by Tariq Nasir on Toast Fried.

The recipes are simple, delicious and easy to make! Middle Eastern food is on an upward trend and this is a fantastic go-to resource for all things Middle Eastern cooking.

#9 Steady Drinker

The Steady Drinker travel product recommended by Thomas Hallett on Toast Fried.

With more people cutting down their alcohol intake, sales of non-alcoholic beer under 0.5% ABV are increasing and many big brewing brands such as Budweiser, Heineken and Brooklyn Brewery are now producing non-alcoholic versions of their standard beers. Steady Drinker is a website and blog that helps you discover great-tasting low and non-alcoholic ales, IPAs, stouts and lagers under 0.5% ABV. The site also has research-backed resources that explore the advantages and disadvantages of non-alcoholic beer.

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