Amazing Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Cooktop

September 30, 2022
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Amazing Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Cooktop

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Glass cooktops are pretty popular these days thanks to their sleek and modern design. However, they’re not the most forgiving when it comes to spills and stains. Follow these amazing tips for cleaning your glass cooktop so you can get back to cooking on a stove that sparkles.

Use Specially Formulated Cleaners

There are many people who recommend baking soda as a cleaner for literally everything in the kitchen. While you’re welcome to give it a try, homemade baking soda cleaning pastes tend to leave behind residue, which is not what you want on a glass stovetop. We recommend finding specially formulated cleaners created for glass cooktops as they’re gentle and residue-free.

Avoid Harsh Materials

When you clean your cooktop, be sure to use only soft cloths or sponges, not paper towels. Materials with scratchy fibers can end up leaving micro-scratches on your cooktop, dulling the finish. Over time, these micro-scratches trap bacteria and food particles, leading to stains and odors.

Follow the Proper Steps

The first thing you need to do when cleaning your glass cooktop is wipe away any loose debris and splatters. Then, you can tackle the tougher spots with a polish made for glass stovetops—work in small areas rather than spreading the cleaner over the entire stovetop surface at once.

Remove Tough Stains

Cooking on a dirty stovetop will turn splatter residue into tough, caked-on debris. You can remove these tougher stains with a utility scraper that has a razor blade on one end. Carefully use the scraper to etch away the stains, but make sure you keep the blade almost parallel with the stovetop surface. Never use the edges, or you risk damaging your stove.

Finish With Polish

While you can use glass cooktop polish to remove stains, it’s also the last step in cleaning. Use a few drops of polish and buff it into the glass cooktop for a shiny, smudge-free finish.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these amazing tips for cleaning your glass cooktop. Always be aware of any scratches since they can be a sign your cooktop needs maintenance. For best results, always wipe down your stovetop after each use, making sure to wait until it’s cooled down before doing so.

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