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June 17, 2022
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Knife For Cutting Sourdough Bread. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia Black Handle Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Ellie Walters from FindPeopleFaster

This bread knife for cutting Sourdough bread has all the features and is available at the best price of over $20. It features a 10” inch blade for cutting wide boards or boules, a slightly curved blade for hassle-free cutting, a top-quality carbon steel blade that stays sharp for a longer time, an ergonomic handle for durability and comfort, and textured finger points that offer maximum grip, slip resistance, and safety. So take benefit of this bread knife and enjoy the unprecedented performance in your food prep.

Victorinox 10.25 Inch Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Clare Ivatt from KitchenTimesavers

This really is the best knife for cutting perfect sourdough bread slices – it cuts through your sourdough bread like a knife through butter! It’s really sharp, and is serrated so that you can use a sawing motion as you slice. It’s a mid-price knife, so not outrageously expensive, and is from a well-known trusted knife brand. Sourdough bread cutting hints: Never press down as you cut (always use a sawing motion), as you will tear the bread, and always make sure that the bread has cooled before you start to slice it.

Bread Knife – Paudin Serrated Damascus Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Dan Lysogorsky from IPL Port

By far the sharpest and cleanest cut sourdough knife on the market. Exceptional value for a well weighted, well balanced and gorgeous damascus knife. The construction is impeccable and the quality is well worth the value. The ergonomics are very comfortable and the materials used in this ultra sharp knife are impressive. Paudin took extra care in packaging and presentation for their product and made sure the durability will last. Highly recommended knife to use for bread and many other applications, this knife is essential.

Orblue Serrated Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Will Tigerton from LeanBack Player

This ultra-sharp serrated bread knife is made of stainless steel. The serrated blade is able to grip and cut through sourdough bread effortlessly. It is designed to be ergonomic so your hands won’t have a hard time even if you are using it for an extended amount of time. Aside from that, the handles come in three different colors, red, blue, and black. Aside from sourdough bread, it can also easily cut through cakes, pastries, and bagels.

Victorinox Swiss Army 10 1/4 Serrated Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Peter Lipson from Kitchenda

The Victorinox Swiss Army 10 1/4 Serrated Bread Knife is the one I chose for my own kitchen. The key to cutting a hard-crusted bread like sourdough is sawing back and forth with minimal pressure. The Victorinox holds a sharp edge and the 10 1/4 length can handle some of the larger artisanal breads. The durable handle and reasonable price made this a great purchase.

Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Bread Bosses is a bread-making community that brings together bakers from all around the world with varying experience levels to create the best possible Artisan bread! Every Bread Boss begins with a Bread Lame and ends with a lovely loaf to share for years to come! The ergonomic handle is intended to fit gently in your hand and allows you complete control when making your slashes, ensuring perfectly gorgeous sourdoughs every time. Bakers of all levels can enjoy a lovely experience as they continue to make smooth slices on the tops of each loaf.

UFO Bread Lame -Advanced Dough Scoring Tools

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This is a Must-Have Tool for Bread Bakers! A gash on the loaf’s surface allows the dough to expand properly in the oven without ripping the skin or crust, as well as allowing moisture to escape. It also allows some of the trapped gas, primarily carbon dioxide, to escape. The baker can also manage where the loaf will open or bloom by scoring it properly. This improves the appearance of baked bread greatly. Finally, scoring produces a wide range of forms and appearances. It highlights the bread baker’s artistic ability, providing for a one-of-a-kind signature.

Serrated Bread Knife for Homemade Bread

This product was recommended by Rousseau Vestal from Find The Aisle

This knife was created with one goal in mind: to make cutting bread as simple as possible. The blade is perfectly balanced because to the full tang construction. If you only have one serrated knife in your kitchen, a 10 inch serrated knife is ideal. That’s long enough to cut through a sourdough boule, but not too long to cut through a baguette.

Sunnecko Serrated Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

The blade’s exact serration ensures flawless cuts in various materials, including yeast bread, crusty artisan loaves, delicate cakes, and pastries. Additionally, the knife works well for slicing tomatoes and soft fruits, cutting cheese and salami, and even carving roast pork and chicken. The outer packaging for our 8-inch bread knife is a lovely wooden gift box. The serrated knife is wrapped in all directions on the box’s interior using fine flannel as the raw material. Make it appear classy and lovely. For parents, relatives, and friends, this is a good option.

KYOKU Shogun Series 8-Inch Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Claire Wells from Baked by Claire

If you have a little extra to spend on something special, this Japanese Damascus blade is one of the best you can find. Damascus steel is known to be extra sharp and durable, and Japanese craftsmanship is second to none when it comes to knives. It’s strong, will cut through sourdough like butter, and it looks amazing too. Plus, it comes with a sheath for added safety.

Mueller Ultra-Carver Electric Knife

This product was recommended by Laura Bais from Julie’s Cafe Bakery

What makes sourdough bread special is that it is richer and has a stronger flavor than regular bread. For that reason, we don’t want the slices to be too big or too wide. Bread’s purpose is to give a base, and not to dominate the flavor. What is more, homemade sourdough bread can be more moist than we are used to, making it difficult to cut the slices with a regular knife. To make the slices as thin as possible, I use an electric knife.

9″ Bread Knife – Olneya Line by Town Cutler

This product was recommended by Heather Smith from Town Cutler

The 9 Olneya Bread from Town Cutler features a long, straight, and serrated blade designed for slicing crusty, as well as soft, bread without crushing the interior of the loaf. Handmade with attention to detail, this high-quality knife has toothy serrations that are excellent for crisp, crunchy sourdough bread.

Imarku Serrated Edge Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Phillip Villegas from Three Pedal Mafia

The serrated pattern is used on this bread knife. Each serrated edge is substantially self-contained, which improves cutting performance. Serrated bread knives, according to the mechanical test, are better for soft items like bread and cakes.

Orblue Serrated Bread Knife

This product was recommended by Tara Orcutt from Veggieslicious

The blade of the Orblue Serrated Bread Knife has an ultra-sharp serrated edge that grabs and slices the toughest loaves of bread with ease, resulting in a smooth, clean cut. The blade is 8 inches long and the handle is 5 inches long. A rubber safety shield is included as an added safety feature on the knife’s sharp point. This serrated knife grabs and cuts through cake, crusty bread, bagels, and pastries with ease.

TYOARO Wooden Bread Bow Knife

This product was recommended by Karen Lee from Smart Robotic Home

Although you would think all bread knives are the same, they are in fact different. Especially when it comes to softer, more holy bread like sourdough – you need a good, sharp knife. The Tyoaro Wooden Bread Knife is built differently than a normal serrated knife. It has a thinner blade and there is less of it. This helps to not pull on the bread as you slice, which can cause your sourdough to rip or become squished when fresh. With this knife, you can easily slice any size piece of sourdough bread, bagel, homemade bread, baguettes and even cake. This knife is also very easy to use and requires less force to get that perfect slice. It is a must for any sourdough lover!

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