Best Toasters For Thick Bread – Expert Recommendations

May 30, 2021
2 mins read
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Toasters For Thick Bread. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Amazon Basics 2 Slice Toaster

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

Amazon may not be known for its appliances, but this toaster works as well as any of the simpler toasters we tested without all the bells and whistles. Perfect for a college dorm or first apartment, this toaster has both a defrost and a bagel setting. The instruction booklet had a Time Control Browning Level chart that illustrated exactly how your toast would look at a specific setting. You usually need to run a toaster once to get rid of any odors or smoke, but this one will require several uses.

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster

This product was recommended by Steve Groom from Maryland Home Buyers

Amazon describes this product as 4 extra-wide toasting slots can handle thick bagels and artesian breads. It is an Amazon’s Choice, has a 4.5 star rating with over 6,000 consumer reviews. It sells on Amazon for $37.52. I personally bought this toaster because I was tired of my 2-slice toaster that could not handle a bagel without compressing it like a hamburger patty. This toaster provides me with 2 extra slots as well as the ability to easily toast my bagels without any extra effort on my part. Gotta love it!

Oster 2 Slice, Bread, Bagel Toaster

This product was recommended by Lisa Arlington from Giftsnerd LLC

Oster‘s bread toaster is among the best for thick pieces of bread because it has been working fine for me for about a year now. I have toasted bagels, buns, and thick homemade bread in this toaster, and it works absolutely fine for all of these. It adjusts the bread automatically for an even brown shade. I get about 5-6 different shades on the slices I toast. Oster’s toaster offers different toasting settings for toasting bread and bagels and defrosting frozen items. It is very simple and easy to use with a simple design and stainless steel body.

iFedio Toaster Extra-Wide-slots Toaster

This product was recommended by Phil Watson from Barbecue Grill Review

iFedio toaster is brilliant to make your home breakfast and office afternoon tea easier. Has 7 shade settings, and extra-wide slots. A sliding crumb tray, it is easy to clean up the toaster once toasting is finished and the machine has been cool down.

CUSIBOX Extra Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toaster

This product was recommended by Phil Watson from Barbecue Grill Review

Not only does this toaster look sleek, but the results are as good as it looks. Featuring generously extra-wide slots to toast thick bread, fast heating, and time-saving. Reheat & Defrost & Cancel functions give you more choices to select what you want. Extra safety tech with multi-hole design on the bottom, ensure quickly cool-touch exterior, caring for kids.

Cuisinart 4 Slice Wide Toaster

This product was recommended by Robin Brown from Vivipins

The heart fills with joy when the aroma of evenly browned toasts pops out of the toaster. It is armed with four slots that can fit the widest of bread or bagels. I loved it for its consistent browning of toast, which is a common issue in other toasters. It has three different settings defrost, reheat, and bagel; and seven whooping browning levels to choose from the lightest to the darkest. The two independent control settings are rightfully desired when my family wants toasts at different doneness levels at the same time. Bagel setting gives my bagels extra heat to the inside without burning the outside. All in all, it’s a worthy choice that has made my mornings aromatic and bright.

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