Celebrate Christmas 2019 With Three New Products From Rosebud Preserves

August 25, 2019
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Photo by Adam Tarwacki on Unsplash
Photo by Adam Tarwacki on Unsplash

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Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together for celebration and the enjoyment of flavoursome food and drink. People already started looking for Christmas presents, decorations and lovely dinnerwarefor the Christmas Day. With the festive season fast approaching the team at award-winning Rosebud Preserves has hand-picked a selection of preserves they hope you will enjoy.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

NEW for this year are a Pear, Orange & Ginger Chutney, a Damson Fruit Paste for Cheese a Smoked Apple Butter for Cheese:

 Pear, Orange & Ginger Chutney (£3.95/198g)

Bright and vibrant with fresh Conference pears, plump sultanas, sweet citrus and warm stem ginger. Enjoy with cold Roast Pork and Wensleydale Cheese. Conference pears 37%, onions, unrefined cane sugar, Bramley apples, fresh orange juice 7%, sultanas, preserved ginger 5%, cider vinegar, orange zest, ground ginger and ground cloves.

Damson Fruit Paste for Cheese (£3.95/125g)

A sweet/sharp and vibrant fruit preserve, naturally set with unrefined sugar.

Damsons 120%, unrefined cane sugar and fresh lemon juice.

Smoked Apple Butter for Cheese (£3.95/125g)

Sweet, smoky and piquant with Bramley apples, cider vinegar, Madagascan vanilla and whisky.

Apples 131%, fresh lemon juice, cider vinegar, vanilla pods, unrefined cane sugar and whisky 5%.

Elspeth Biltoft, owner of Rosebud Preserves, says:

“We’re really thrilled to offer these three new products to enjoy over the festive season. The Pear, Orange and Ginger Chutney is what I would call a classic  ‘old school’ chutney with a light modern freshness.  It has a very British flavour with simple ingredients, it’s a mix of sweetness with a little heat that gives a light, fragrant and delicious product. I’m really proud of the work that John, our head chef, put into developing this as it is such a good addition to our range and is also something quite different to all the other preserves we produce.

“Apple Butter was first produced in the Middle Ages by monks who wanted to preserve the fruit grown in monastery orchards. It is a highly concentrated form of apple compote with a buttery consistency. Our recipe uses the addition of Whisky to add a little heat to the flavour and a little smoked Bramley apple to add a unique final touch.

“The Damson Fruit Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to the cheeses on your Christmas cheeseboard. We source the damsons from dedicated British growers. We cook these with unrefined sugar to create a dense fruit cheese that has the deep, rich/sharp, vibrant purple/red fruit flavour. It works well with many cheeses but I love to enjoy this with some Stilton.”

Rosebud Preserves’ Christmas selection also includes Masons Yorkshire Gin & Satsuma Marmalade and Yorkshire Wensleydale Chutney. These two preserves have been created in collaboration with other Yorkshire based fine food producers. This collaborative approach is something that the team at Rosebud Preserves is very proud of as it highlights their Yorkshire heritage, as well as promoting the abundance of superb ingredients and products the area is famous for.

The company has been making its jams, marmalades, chutneys and jellies at Masham, North Yorkshire, since 1989. The company was started by Elspeth Biltoft and her founding principles, to source local produce whenever possible; to cook traditional recipes; and practice time honoured techniques, without the use of additives, preservatives or pectin; remain the same today.

Their tempting products also make great gifts for food lovers and to help present them Rosebud Preserves has a stylish gift box that accommodates any three of the customers’ choice.

The products listed below are all available to buy online at rosebudpreserves.co.uk.

For your Christmas dinner:

Cranberry & Orange Sauce with Port (£3.95/227g)

A popular twist on a classic. Traditionally prepared with fresh citrus and a measure of port. Perfect with Roast Turkey, Game or Ham.

Cranberries 72%, unrefined sugar, oranges 18%, port 3%, fresh ginger, ground cloves, ground cinnamon.

Red Onion & Port Marmalade (£3.95/227g)

Piquant, full-bodied and richly savoury with red onions, mollased sugar and ruby port. Perfect with Blue Stilton and Cold Meats.

Red onions 62%, unrefined sugar, white wine vinegar, redcurrant juice, ruby port 5%, herbs, spices.

For Boxing Day:

Boxing Day Chutney (£3.95/198g)

Fresh, fruity and subtly spiced cranberries, Bramley apples and plump raisins.

Perfect for your Yuletide festivities.          

Cranberries 37%, Bramley apples, unrefined sugar, raisins, cider vinegar, pickling spice including mustard seed, sea salt, mixed spice.

Cumberland Sauce with Port (£3.95/277g)

A traditional blend of naturally set redcurrants, piquant with mustard, orange and ginger.  Enjoy with Roast Pork and Chicken Liver Pate.

Redcurrants 112%, unrefined sugar, water, fresh orange juice and zest 4%, port 2%, fresh lemon juice and zest 1.5%, ground ginger, mustard powder.  

Traditional Piccalilli (£3.95/170g)

Fresh, piquant and mouth-watering. A unique pantry classic bursting with savoury character. Perfect with Camembert and Cold Roast Ham.

Vegetables in varying proportions 88% (tomatoes, onions, cucumbers,

red peppers, cauliflower, courgettes, green peppers), cider vinegar, unrefined sugar, malt vinegar (barley), wholemeal flour (wheat), mustard seed, fresh garlic, turmeric, celery seed.

For the festive cheeseboard:

Yorkshire Wensleydale Chutney (£3.95/198g)

A classic combination of fresh Bramley apples, plump sultanas and traditional spices. Perfect with Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese.

Bramley apples 50%, onions, sultanas, unrefined sugar, malt vinegar (barley), spices, sea salt.

Christmas Chutney (£3.95/198g)

Wonderfully rich with prunes, dates, apricots, aromatic allspice and strong dark ale.  The perfect addition to your season’s festivities.

Dried fruits in variable proportions (prunes, dates, apricots) 36% (sulphites), cider vinegar, onions, unrefined sugar, plums, sea salt, allspice, ale 1% (barley), cayenne pepper.

Fig Chutney (£3.95/198g)

A rich and piquant mix of juicy figs, molassed sugar, warm cinnamon and sweet fresh orange. Perfect with Cold Roast Ham and Farmhouse Cheddar.

Figs 34%, Bramley apples, onions, sultanas, malt vinegar (barley), unrefined sugar, fresh orange juice, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, sea salt, mixed spice, cinnamon.

Christmas baking – a tempting filling for homemade mince pies:

Almond & Orange Mincemeat (£4.60/340g)

A great twist on a British classic. Simply prepared with fresh Bramley apples, plump vine fruits, lively citrus and a measure of brandy. This mincemeat does not contain any suet so it is suitable for vegetarians.                 

Raisins, apples, currants, unrefined sugar, sultanas, lemon juice and zest, orange juice and zest 8%, candied peel, almonds 5%, brandy 1.5%.

Some sweet treats to add flavour to festive breakfasts:

Masons Yorkshire Gin & Satsuma Marmalade, Coarse Cut (£3.95/227g)

Bright, fresh and floral with botanical notes of lavender, juniper and star anise. Unrefined sugar, satsumas 57%, lemons, fresh lemon juice, Masons Yorkshire Gin 3.5%, juniper berries, star anise, mixed pepper berries, lavender. Prepared with 57g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 60g per 100g. 

Somerset Cider Brandy & Pear Jam (£3.95/227g)

All the freshness of English Pears, enriched with Somerset Cider Brandy. Naturally set with unrefined sugar.

Fresh pears 92%, unrefined sugar, water, Bramley apples, fresh lemon juice, Somerset Cider Brandy 2%, Cider 1.5%. Prepared with 110g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 60g per 100g. 

The Rosebud Preserves Gift Box:  

This stylish gift box makes a special present at Christmas for the food lover in your life. Made in England this beautiful mottled grey box, embossed in matte black foil, perfectly complements the branded preserves. Simply choose any three products from the range and they will be sent to the address of your choice. (Price starts at £14.45 for three jars and the box).

Suggested combinations:

Rosebud’s Christmas Essentials – a selection of three delicious essentials to accompany festive fare. Contains – Cranberry & Orange Sauce with Port – for your roast turkey; Red Onion & Port Marmalade – perfect for Stilton and cold cuts; and Christmas Chutney – for the all-important cheeseboard.

A Sweet Treat – three of Rosebud’s tempting jams and preserves. A great gift for someone who loves the sweet things in life. Contains –Satsuma & Masons Yorkshire Gin Marmalade, Coarse Cut; Blackberry & Sloe Gin Jam; and Cherry & Amaretto Jam.

A Gentleman’s Selection – three classic items that make the perfect present for your food loving dad, uncle or grandfather.  Contains – Great Yorkshire Pickle; Traditional Piccalilli; and Seville Orange Marmalade, Coarse Cut.

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