Drink Review: Buchanan’s Deluxe 12 Year Old

November 22, 2020
3 mins read

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A litre of Buchanan’s hard to find (in the UK at least) blend. ‘Stunningly soft texture, enormously fruity with some firm grain through the middle and then spice. 85/100’ Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2005.

Buchanan Whisky Review:

Appearance: Clear golden yellow colour distilled aged whisky.

Nose: Lovely fruity, strawberry and pear fruitiness. Cinnamon, tropical fruits and dry fruits.

Palate: Slightly warm and warming, containing a good amount of fruitiness. Dried fruits, tropical fruits and strawberry fruits.

Finish: Long and lingering fruity and spicy. The alcohol is relatively gentle.

Overall: An outstanding, well rounded whisky. The only issue I have with it is the amount of alcohol that it possesses. It’s as though the company went out of their way to dilute it’s heavily rich style to match the softness and the sweetness it gives off. Meaning it’s not overly overwhelming but a little delicate. If this were an Islay, it would be a lighter more wispy, traditional style. Basically, this is some of the best quality, high proof whiskey you can find from anywhere. (https://www.sienagolfclub.com)

Rating: 86/100

Buchanan Whisky Review 1:

Nose: Typical, Ryman’s style, rich, high proof with some beautiful fruity, tropical elements.

Palate: A little creamy, spicy nuttiness with some sweet spices on the retrohale. A little hard to pinpoint, although I would say it definitely tastes like some type of liqueur.

Finish: Medium long and warming with some beautiful elements of tropical fruits.

1908 Notable:

Buchanan Whisky Review 2:

75cl bottle – 4.4% ABV – Bottled at 48.3% ABV – Distilled June 2008

Nose: Very complex, sophisticated and rich. Good progression from the initial rye grain notes. Such a well rounded nose, with notes of nutty rye and citrus fruits.

Palate: Sweet and creamy with a nice warming sensation. More fruity, with a good balancing of rye spiciness.

Finish: Long and softly spicy with some beautiful citrus fruits and a slightly smoky finish.

Buchanan Whisky Review 3:

Appearance: Deep gold colour.

Nose: Really rich, high rye character followed by lots of fruity notes. Apricots, nectarines, pineapple and pears.

Palate: Nice citrus and grain (rye) flavours with pepper and nutty spiciness. Slight graininess lingers on the tongue.

Finish: Long, complex and tasty with some nice citrus elements. Slightly smoky and peppery.

Overall: I am impressed by this release from Buchanan’s. It’s a single malt that I would happily sit down and drink. Flavours are complex and rich without being over the top. Highly recommended.

Rating: 93/100

Buchanan Whisky Review 4:

Nose: Stale rye grain, raw nuttiness, spiced oranges, some candied sugar and a little bit like spice cake.

Palate: Well balanced – sweet malt and rye together with some sharp, fruity oils.

Finish: Complex spiced citrus fruits and almonds on the finish.

Overall: Overall this is a well balanced whisky, although I did struggle to taste the rye grain. However, certain elements of the whisky did come through.

Buchanan Whisky Review 5:

An old ale (from my research this is one of the ryes they make) aged in a red Barolo and Matua casks. This one is 70% rye, 30% malt, distilled in their Aberfeldy distillery in April 2005.

Nose: Quite powerful, although deceptive. The rye grain, nutty, grainy and very bready.

Palate: There is a really nice oily and sweet fruity sweetness with fresh and grassy notes.

Finish: Medium long, some nice sherry fruit notes. Good mouth feel and mouth watering.

Overall: Good stuff with lots of fruity sweetness. This one I would pay money to get a bottle of.

Rating: 89/100

Buchanan Whisky Review 6:

The oldest of the three expressions, Buchanan’s 18 year old. Bottled at 52.3% ABV.

Appearance: Deep gold colour, clear and transparent.

Nose: Quite dry, although there is a nice fruity element on the nose, however, it is very bready. Really rich.

Palate: Again this is rich and complex. At this point, I am only slightly disappointed due to the fact I am expecting it to have more of a spice/spice cake character. It still has the fruity sweet element as well.

Finish: Long and warming, some nice floral elements. Still very sweet, although a lot milder than the palate. But, then again it’s 18 years old.

Overall: An interesting whisky, for the price, I haven’t quite taken any notes apart from the fact I was expecting a little more spice. Other than that, it’s a nice old ale with that distinct bready rye spice. A good whisky.

Rating: 84/100

Buchanan’s 13 Vintage Rum:

14% ABV – Bottled in 1994, aged for 60 years.

A mellow blend of lightly aged aged rums.

Nose: Sweet and rich with quite a nutty character. Slightly oaky.

Palate: Quite creamy with some raw graininess and a little bit of nuttiness. A little spicy.

Finish: Medium long and perky with some slightly fruity notes. Slightly warming and drying.

Overall: I have to recommend this. Although don’t expect it to taste like anything you are expecting it to. It’s a very well made and balanced blend. Actually, it tastes a lot like the vanilla rum from Macallan. Priced a little higher than a normal rum, but much thicker and richer.

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