Drink Review: Chivas Regal 18 Year Old

November 20, 2020
3 mins read

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Premium aged mix of some of Scotland’s finest whiskies with an above-average proportion of malt and an extended ageing period producing a truly fine blend.

Chivas 18 Review:

Appearance: Very, if not, a light aquamarine color. Thin and small but perfectly spread legs of light yellow making an attractive yet ‘understated’ appearance.

Nose: Very mild, yet enjoyable. A very subtle sense of golden syrup along with a pleasant floor of lightly grainy, slightly peaty hops follows up. Complex yet quite subtle.

Neat: Gentle, slightly malty and caramel-y nose. A medium weight of sweet and lightly toasted malt. Closer to a single malt than an whisky. Pleasant one, I must say.

Palate: Gentle, malty and grain-y. Fresh and full-bodied yet smooth on the palate. Slightly boozy, not too much though. Pleasant, and warming.The Hogmanay feeling of warmth.Almost ‘holy’ in a way.

Finish: Short… but full. Dry, yeasty and slightly grainy.Gentle and warming, but not too peaty/salty or ‘heady’ (if you get my drift).

Comment: An enjoyable, all rounder sort of whisky. A little less peaty than I’d preferred, yet without too much overt sweetness or ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling.

 I was totally bowled over by this, itt’s certainly a whisky I would like to keep in my cabinet and use as a bedside dram (I don’t suffer from insomnia).Overall I found this to be a very pleasant, subdued sort of dram (at least compared to most of the stuff I’ve tasted recently). There’s nothing really remarkable about it, but it’s a nice enough dram that I’d like to give it a go. I would say that this was a ‘solid’ dram, and a bit of a bargain (if they are still on offer, I can’t find thta out so I presume they have sold out).It would have to be one of the best value for money whiskys out there.Reviewed by looeychocA fantastic whisky! Smooth, non-bitter and long lasting.This is a superb whisky. This is the best whisky I have drunk in 3 years. Amongst the whiskies that I currently drink, this whisky has taken the highest number of medals that I have seen of any. I was a little wary of it at first, the colour wasn’t appealing and the initial smell wasn’t as great as some of the more exotic whiskies, but I thought, I’ll give it a go anyway! I absolutely fell in love with the taste of this whisky. The nose was very yummy, with a blend of burnt malt, honeycomb and stars. The taste was just superb, the smokiness was not overpowering it had that steady, warm burn. This whisky really reminds me of those old sherry cask whiskies that used to be so common in the 80’s! I was very disappointed to learn that there are no more of these, but that’s the way the economy works I suppose! I’m sure I won’t miss this whisky, as it’s the first I’ve ever tried that I really couldn’t do without, in any case…I praise this whisky, I know you shouldn’t, and yet this is a superb whiskie.

Chivas 18 Review:

Appearance: A straight up, one note, dusty pale gold. Thin legs.

Nose: Meh. Mild, , very, very sweet. Very slightly grainy and malty, but really quite nondescript.

Palate: Very malty, with quite a strong presence of grain. Rather thick and buttery with a grainy bite. Gets a bit harsh towards the finish and doesn’t really show much else.

Chivas 18 Review:

A good, if not great whisky, with little depth, but extremely satisfying. Not at all in the league of the 18 year old Royal Salute, but still deserving of respect.

If you like Glenfiddich, you will like this. For me, it’s very sweet, with a slightly gamey note (not very gamey, but it’s there). Nothing else really comes to mind.

Reviewed by aeon Suppose that I knew what bottles of Chivas I was to open in this post, I would probably be more inclined to label this a ‘floor malt’ than later whiskies I will be reviewing.

The truth is that the price and the additional info about the age of the whisky were the factors that initially led me to this whisky. I honestly didn’t expect it to be very good.

However, I’m glad that I was wrong. At first, the price tag was too attractive to ignore, especially given that I was getting the 18 and the new bottle.

After just a couple of Scotches, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. This is a very good whisky, which is light, sweet and smooth, with only a slight grainy flavour. I’m almost tempted to put it side by side with the expression I got from Pfaltz in Germany, and say that they are really similar.

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