Drink Review: Famous Grouse

November 21, 2020
2 mins read

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First produced in 1860 (when it was just ‘The Grouse’), The Famous Grouse has been the No. 1 whisky in Scotland since 1980.

Famous Grouse Whisky Review:

The Famous Grouse whisky is a blend of malt whisky with grain whisky, 49% of which is malt whisky, and 51% grain whisky.

The grain whisky came to the producer from a distillery closed in 1989. It had been selected in the 1950s for being distributed to bottlers.

The Famous Grouse is a peated malt whisky. It is also a small batch distillery bottling (each batch containing 7,500 bottles). It is bottled at 58% ABV.

The Famous Grouse is a matured whisky bottled at its peak, and received a Double Gold award from the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in 2010 for its ageing and taste.

Tasted: August 2012, brought back.

Appearance: A pale golden whiskey. Very clear.

Nose: A very light and delicate fare. Sounds more like a malt whisky than a grain and, like other grain whiskies, its aroma is subtle and delicate.

Taste: The Famous Grouse starts on a delicate and mellow note of malt whisky and stone fruit, which gives a very light and dry taste, with a faint whiff of sulphur. The aftertaste has a faint burn in the parched mouth. This is a very delicate and light malt.

Foursquare: 90%

Famous Grouse Whisky Review:

This is a very light and delicate grain whisky. The flavour is sweet, and the finish very light and dry. It has no sharpness at all, and tastes very much like a malt blend.

This is not a natural malt whisky, but a grain whisky produced from the combination of malted and unmalted barley.

What a delicious whisky. The Famous Grouse is delicate and soft. It has no sharpness, but it is much too mild to be an intense whisky. Its flavour is soft and smooth, with just a hint of barley husk. The finish has an elegance. A very light and delicate whisky.

A pure malt whisky? It sounds nearly impossible, but it is made from a combination of malted and unmalted barley.

Famous Grouse Whisky Review:

The Famous Grouse is a blend of 49% malt whisky and 51% grain whisky, with no malt whisky at all. A very light and delicate whisky.

The Famous Grouse is a very light and delicate whisky, with a very dry and dry finish. There is a sap in the taste, and it is distinctly bitter.

What a sweet and fragrant nose, and what a dry and smoky taste. The aftertaste has a hint of oil. Congratulations!

Famous Grouse Whisky Review:

The Famous Grouse is a grain whisky. There is no malt whisky at all. You can tell from the label that it is a blend.

What a delicate and light drink. There is no taste or flavour to this whisky but what there is is exquisite. This is not a whisky, but a perfection of refinement.

This is one of the most beautiful whiskies I have ever smelled. In the glass it looks like the barley was left in the pot upside down. It has an almost warm, sweet aroma, which is the most pleasant aroma I have ever encountered, especially on the nose.

The finish has a bitterness, which I can only compare to feeling in the throat after a strong menthol. It is so strong and so bitter that the resulting flavour tastes like menthol air after blowing one’s nose.

This is not whisky. It is a very diluted grain whisky. There is a hint of malted barley, but it is not a malt whisky at all.

The Famous Grouse is a very light and delicate whisky. There is no flavour or taste to it. It is like a perfume, which requires the added flavour of a dash of cola. It is sugary and very sweet concoction.

Famous Grouse Whisky Review:

There is no taste to this whisky except sweetness and an occasional bitter taste, which resembles the sensation of sticking the tip of the nose in burning wood. It feels like a burning moth on the tongue.

There is success in this whisky. There is an instant, overwhelming impression of odour. Why is it called The Famous Grouse?

A very gentle and subtle whisky. The flavour is soft, sweet and very mellow. It has no aroma or flavour. There is no flavour or taste to the drink except sweetness and vapidness.


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