Drink Review: Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve

November 21, 2020
3 mins read

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The opening salvo of the Glenlivet range, named in honour of the distillery’s founder, George Smith. It’s classic Glenlivet, with a creamy and fruity character bolstered by the use of first-fill American oak to mature some of the whisky.

Glenlivet 1824 Review:

This is a Scotch single malt whiskey produced by the Glenlivet Distillery of Banffshire in Scotland. It has a smoky, spicy flavor, with light and fruity notes.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 1:

This is also a distillery owned by Diageo, and one of the Highland bestsellers. This whiskey is finished in Oloroso sherry casks.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 2:

This Glenfarclas has a pronounced sherry character, with dried cherry, dark chocolate and vanilla. It’s an expression which rewards the veteran whisky drinker.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 3:

The hint of nose is a light oak and vanilla. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tasted Glenfarclas before, you still enjoy the complexity and richness of the Glenfarclas.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 4:

This is a light and delicate sherry matured Glenlivet. The whisky displays fruity notes of blackberry and purple fruits.

Glenlivet 15 Years Old Review 5:

Glenlivet 15 Years Old is a very exciting highlands based whisky. It is a blend of Speyside and Highland malts matured in first-fill American oak.

Glenlivet 15 Years Old Review 6:

This is a Glenlivet single malt which uses 10% ex-Bourbon casks, and one of the great velvety whiskies of all time.

This Glenlivet from the Glenlivet distillery is a deliciously well-rounded whisky which offers strong hints of fruit, chocolate and wood smoke. It’s a smooth and tasty whisky which illustrates, once again, why it is such a popular whisky on the Highland market.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 7:

Glenlivet 1824 was originally launched as an independent bottling by Glenmorangie to tap the huge market for ‘No Age Statement’ whiskies, and is now part of the ‘Founder’s Reserve’ range. Glenfarclas Founder’s Reserve was launched in 2007. It is bottled and matured in ex-vine French oak sherry casks.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 8:

Glenlivet 1824 is a solid entry into the whisky market. It has a very 1960’s style feel with a wonderful edge of bitterness from its cask finish. If you like this style of whisky you’ll like this one.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 9:

Glenlivet 1824 is the last in the ‘Classic’ range. It is both a powerful and complex malt, with rich earthy flavours like oak, smoked meats and toffee.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 10:

Glenlivet 1824 is a big, bold and vatting of malts. It’s quite a solid and sturdy malt, delivering significant whisky taste.

A great example of the classic Glenlivet, matured in a mix of first-fill American oak casks, giving it all the essence of a ‘cask strength’ whisky.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 11:

Glenlivet 1824 is a strong and solid traditional whisky, with hints of smoke and a dark fruit character. It’s a classic and will no doubt appeal to the enthusiast.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 12:

Glenlivet 1824 is an unpeated, fruity expression, like a single malt version of Pedro Ximenez Sherry. It has not had an age statement since its launch in 2003.

This is a gentle and soft-spoken whisky, and another good example of how well Glenlivet can be done. It’s a good, solid malt and shows its age with a hint of peat and vanilla.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 13:

Glenlivet 1824 is a great single malt whisky, delivering a lovely mix of fruity sweetness and hints of smoke.

Glenlivet 1824 is a blend of Speyside, Highland and ex-Bourbon casks. This is another excellent and successful ex-Bourbon matured dram.

An excellent, dry and floral whisky from the Glenlivet distillery, which has light notes of honey and citrus.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 13:

Glenlivet 1824 is a blend of Speyside and Highland malts. It delivers a nice warm and fruity whisky, with hints of citrus and honey.

Glenlivet 1824 is a lowland malt, with a very long and successful history. Glenlivet is a distillery close to the English border so it’s easy to imagine the water influence with this whisky.

Glenlivet 1824 Review 14:

This is a rich and creamy whisky with excellent sweetness and balance. It’s a very appealing blend of fruit and honey with a spicy finish.

Glenlivet 1824 is a distilled from small casks and matured in ex-Bourbon casks. It shows signs of the nose you would expect from a Malt, with hints of vanilla and honey.

This is a soft and smoky Highland malt with a warm and dry palate. The thin, gentle nature of the malt is appealing and the finish is sweet with hints of coffee.

Glenlivet 1824 has a fruit, chocolate and nutty nose with a hint of leather shaving. The combination of the 2nd and heavier heavy makes the malt very potent and spicy. It’s a powerful whisky with a great depth of flavor.

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