Drink Review: Hennessy VS Cognac

November 19, 2020
2 mins read

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Benchmark VS from one of Cognac’s ‘Big Four’ producers.Popular the world over for its elegant style and consistent high quality.

Hennessy Taste Review:

Strong and smooth Sweet, mature and complex The taste of Cognac down at the bottom, but everything is in balance Nice spiciness Lightness and distinctiveness.

More modern and delicate It’s lighter than Cognac and not as full-bodied. Very smooth.Great depth.

The Hennessy VS Cognac taste comparison is quite interesting to say the least.

For the millionth time, frankly, you will not get the full impact of Hennessy VS cognac unless you are drinking a top-quality one on its own. The below comparison is, as mentioned, more opinionated than technical.

Hennessy VS Cognac is a strong drink, delivering massive concentrated flavours that will make your mouth water. If you have drunk Henessy VS Cognac, I’m sure you’d agree that it tastes nothing like the Cognac you would be buying for a fraction of the price.

My fellow Michigander, Sean, sent me a glass of Hennessy VS Cognac and I have been enjoying every drop of it. And some more.And then some more. The smoothness and clarity in this one takes your mind back to the days when your Grandpa would sit with you and pour cognac from a cut- and-fill bottle. The Henessy VS Cognac taste is quite smooth and silky and creamy and complex and rich and sweet and the list goes on and on…

For the record I cannot understand why every benchmark is so high here in Australia? The Hennessy VS cognac is an exceptional drink that has been scored as a slam dunk 110 by the experts over at the herald towers.

The Hennessy VS cognac is the perfect benchmark for any cognac.

So there you have it. Hennessy VS Cognac is quite possibly one of the best cognac’s I have ever tasted and makes a great benchmark for other cognacs to compare against. If you decide to order a Bond VS cognac, please check the Hennessy VS Cognac side by side and make sure you are not getting ripped off.

Hennessy Taste Review 1:

Sean found the Hennessy VS Cognac cheaper than a swiss watch. That’s right. For such a premium, outstanding cognac that can be enjoyed over and over again, the price is more than reasonable. Buy it and enjoy it and have your friends try it too. You know it’s good.

Let’s face it, as the old saying goes, “You can’t beat the flavour of a good cognac”.

Good Cognac is complex, rich with flavour and nowhere near the price of a good beer.

Since Cognac is predominantly distilled and bottled from the French West Indies and Rhone Region – I will not be referring to any other cognac’s as benchmarks.

I will strongly recommend that you try to explore the actual labels on your bottles of cognac as some of the best cognacs do not come cheap.

The taste and complexity of both cognacs is complex and extremely difficult to explain in words. I just know that the Hennessy VS Cognac is rich and full of flavour and is really easy to enjoy.

If you are looking for your next benchmark you can’t do any better than Hennessy VS Cognac. The Hennessy VS Cognac is the best tasting, class leading Cognac on the market. As far as I am concerned Hennessy VS Cognac is the real deal.

Over the years, many of my friends have tried Hennessy VS Cognac and when they have they have informed that it is the best tasting cognac on the market.

Hennessy Taste Review 2:

One of the hallmarks of a great Cognac is the complexity of its taste – Hennessy VS Cognac delivers an experience that will leave you wanting more and more.

The Hennessy VS Cognac, as you all know, is the benchmark for any cognac. I have attended the cognac awards ceremony, The Spirits and Cask Awards,on a number of occasions and the Hennessy VS Cognac gets top marks everywhere I am sent. The Hennessy VS cognac is without a doubt one of the best tasting, highest quality cognacs I have tasted in my life.


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