Drink Review: Mount Gay Eclipse Silver White Rum

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A splendid white rum from the magnificent Mount Gay. The original Eclipse gold was named after a total solar eclipse that occurred on Barbados in 1910.

Mount Gay Eclipse Silver White Rum Review:

Ingredients: Pot still blended rum with sugar cane syrup.

Aged for a period of 12 years in traditional oak barrels.

Cask Type: American and European oak is used to mature this rum.

Smell: Very sweet, chocolate, spice notes are very easy to smell.

Taste: Sweet spiced chocolate, hints of vanilla, nuts from the oak barrels come through. There is a mild bitterness to it when you first sip it, that dissipates quite quickly. This makes way for a nice velvety smooth, slightly tangy mouth feel. The finish is very woody, with a hint of sweetness.

Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum is a superbly balanced white rum, with strong hints of spice. This is best taken over an ice filled glass or in an Old Fashioned cocktail, which is highly recommended.

The bottle is plain but visually appealing. The red foil on the top of the bottle is a nice touch, making it stand out from the crowd. There is no age statement on the bottle, however, the rum is twelve years old when bottled.

Tasting this rum brought back some nice memories of my recent trip to Barbados. I had a couple of the rum at different local bars including the Rumshak and Boomba bars in Bumbu.

Whilst sipping this rum, I was transported back to many of the great moments that occurred during my trip that included this rum. I also realised there is a lot more to Barbados than meets the eye.

I would highly recommend anyone visiting Barbados to spend a few hours in the Mount Gay Visitor Centre. They have some excellent displays, photos, films, and audio information about the Mount Gay business. The staff are very friendly and approachable.

You can even try some of the Mount Gay Rums from the sample bottles that are on offer, in the various glasses in front of you. I made my way through the range of the regulars and quite enjoyed them all. The “300” and “XO” were my favourite but that’s just me.

The other products sold at the centre include the delicious “Commodore bitters” and lots of Mount Gay branded clothing, accessories, and souvenirs.

Written by Mark Adams

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