Drink Review: Patron Silver Tequila

November 21, 2020
3 mins read

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Boutique premium blanco tequila from one of the most famous houses in Mexico, this is a fine white tequila with good purity of flavour.

Patron Silver Tequila Review:

The patron blanco tequila range is the best value premium blanco tequila from Mexico  and another excellent example of the good quality and very varied tequila range from Casa Patron . This is a perfect entry to serious tequila tasting and is shot, neat or with some rocks, in a chilled glass. The Patron Silver tequila has a great taste of fresh citrus, with overtones of pepper and light vanilla from the lightest distillation. This is quite a consistent tequila and is not at all confused by the addition of sweeteners.

Fine, versatile and very good tequila: Patron Silver Tequila

Really this is a fantastic blanco tequila; at 38% it is well balanced by the fresh citrus flavours from the cut citrus and some fine pepper. I also find it very versatile and can be enjoyed with most Mexican food, in fact it can go with just about anything. With some cracked ice it is a really nice way to start a party, just for the sheer simplicity of the much-loved Patron blanco.

If you are looking for a premium blanco tequila to begin you tequila journey, I suggest you try the Patron blanco. Try it on its own as an entry point or with some ice. It is available in the UK at most decent supermarkets . Try any tequila over 40% to find its true flavours and have the budget to enjoy the range.

Patron Silver Tequila is the perfect brand to get the taste of tequila into your mouth. If you want to learn more about tequila or you are just looking for the best quality blanco tequila on the market from most supermarkets get a bottle of Patron Silver Tequila today.

Patron Silver Tequila Review:

Patron Silver Tequila (38%) – Welcome The refreshing taste of fresh lime juice gently overpowers the sharp limes taste. Subtle hints of vanilla and light tan sugar come after the initial swigs. As the liquid moves down the throat the tequila hits the back of the tongue and reminds you pleasingly of lime and limeade. This is a very smooth and flavoursome entry level tequila and a fine introduction to quality tequila.

Presentation reinforces the colour of the Patron Silver tequila. The top is transparent, clear and avoids any harsh green tinges.

The colour of the Patron Tequila is a rough, rusty orange. This is backed up by the slightly undulating and well balanced stripes of colour.

The Patron Silver Tequila smells of fresh lime and lime slice. The lime, whilst not overpowering, is certainly the dominant and most significant element. It is very much the strength but welcome taste of lime on the lips.

The Patron Silver Tequila taste is a fine example of fresh lime and lime juice. The tequila is just a little light and clear in terms of palate and the lime is very complimentary to the taste. Behind the lime comes some light sugar notes.

The Patron Silver Tequila, 38%, makes a great tequila and is a good choice for geeks. I can recommend this as a decent entry into the world of premium tequila. If you are after a decent balanced tequila that you can enjoy any time of the day this is well worth trying. The balance means this is a good tequila to go with other food, in fact any light Tex-Mex food should suit the Patron Silver Tequila. Let me know what you think of it.

Patron Silver Tequila, 38%, has a harmonious blend of desultory flavours together with a tinge of lime. The Patron Tequila has an agreeable taste; mild but smooth with some lime zest, which is really nice. Light hints of vanilla and light notes of sweetened sugar follow the initial taste. What I like this the taste of lime, which is refreshing. I also like the balance the Patron Silver Tequila blend creates, the lime is dominant but it’s not overly citrus and the sugar is very subtle. This is a very smooth and flavoursome entry level tequila and a fine introduction to quality tequila.

The Patron Silver Tequila bottle is attractive and presentation. This bright silver bottle is bundled full of colour with the various threads of ice blue, bubble white and the Patron silver label. The bottle is four millilitres in size which makes for a handy and easy pour.

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