Drink Review: Patron XO Cafe Incendio

September 25, 2020
2 mins read

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A fiery addition to the Patron range, Café Incendio is a blend of Patron Silver Tequila, Criollo chocolate and arbol chilli peppers. Best served either chilled over ice, or used to add a spicy kick to your cocktails.

Patron Xo Cafe Incendio Review:

Patron XO Cafe Incendio is as fiery as their previous XO Café Tequila, but instead of using coffee beans to make it smoother, they have used chocolate to lift the smokiness of the spirit.

As well as Patron Silver, the spirit contains Criollo chocolate and arbol chilli peppers. This results in a very spicy addition to the Tequila range.

Cafe Incendio is best served either chilled over ice, or used to add a spicy kick to your drinks. It can also be sipped neat, but this can become quite spicy and may be beyond the limits of most drinkers.

Like Patron Silver, it enhances the Tequila palate well.

It is very good in cocktails, where it adds a nice kick without obscuring the other flavours.

The nose is sweet, with honey tones which showcase the roundness of the spirit, and an oily, peppery, smoky and spicy character.

The initial mouthfeel is good and oily, with a powdery feel which is quite unique for a blanco.

There is a good range of sweet fruit (white-fleshed fruit, citrus, pine, creamy vanilla) and an oily, peppery spiciness (black pepper, some black truffle, some forest floor).

The finish is long and peppery, with a lingering smokiness.

Patron XO Café Incendio is certainly one of the most interesting and exciting Tequilas to appear in many years, and it is very good and complex.

It is chock full of charm and character, with an edge that makes it a great alternative for whiskey in many applications.

It is an exciting spirit that suggests an evolving range and demonstrates the fine variety and quality of its distillates.

One user said that Café Incendio goes down smoothly, with not much burn.

Another said that the flavour was more confusing and complex than Patron Silver, making the buzz “dirty” and “sensual”.

A user compared the spirit to coffee liqueur, and said that while they liked the Cafe Incendio, they liked the coffee liqueur more for reasons of drinkability.

They thought that there was more to like in the liqueur.

They pointed out that the liqueur was smoother, and that it contained actual coffee (as opposed to just ‘aromas’).

In summary, there were some excellent reviews of it there, with some very positive comments.

They suggested that it could become a sipping drink, and that it could replace coffee.

Another said that they enjoyed the spirit neat. They pointed out that it leaves an aftertaste which lasted, and that it reminded them of coffee.

Another best served, and not drank, with ice (probably to cool it down a bit). They suggested that in cocktails, it blends well with cream based drinks and chocolates.

One user recommended it in chocolate martinis, and coffee liqueur drinks. They said that the spicy bite adds a lovely depth to the experience – well worth a try.

Another said that it has transformed his cocktails, and he recommended trying it with cream based drinks and chocolate. He thinks it is a very good sipping tequila.

A final user said the the flavour has a raw, spicy and woody character, with an interesting finish.

They said that the only thing you need to know is that there is a lot going on in there.

They also said that if you like a smoky drink with a kick, you will like this.

A women said that it is a rich drink with a lot of character, and that the flavour is slightly sweet, but also woody and spicy.

She said that the aftertaste lingered, but was enjoyable.

One user said that it made drinking the spirit a very enjoyable experience, and that the flavour is rich and oily, thin with the right amount of burn.

They said it is very spicy, and perfectly balanced.

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