Exploring Copenhagen’s Influential Players in the Food and Beverage Industry

January 30, 2024
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Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark – a city renowned for its architecture, youthful populace, and culinary scene. Home to innovative startups that are changing the face of the food and beverage industry on a global scale, some of these companies have adopted eco-friendly initiatives and are striving to make a positive impact on the planet. Here is a selection of Danish companies operating in the food and beverage sector that are making their mark on a global scale.

From selling surplus food to creating online cookbook platforms and addressing food waste, these companies are a testament to innovation and sustainability. Moreover, Copenhagen’s unique focus on biotechnology, blockchain, clean tech, EdTech, FinTech, and more, positions the city as a prominent innovator in a variety of sectors.

This series of articles will delve into each company’s story, founders, and unique contributions to the food and beverage industry. Let’s explore these companies and learn about the diverse and thriving corporate activity that Copenhagen offers.


Motatos is a company that specializes in selling long-life household goods such as store cupboard ingredients, beverages, toiletries and pet food from the surplus inventory of large producers at a reduced price. Founded in 2013 by Erik Södergren, Karl Andersson, and Ulf Skagerström, Motatos fights food waste by selling surplus food, therefore limiting the amount that ends up in landfill. Access Motatos on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Simple Feast

Simple Feast, established in 2015 by Jakob Jønck and Thomas Ambus, operates as an online cookbook platform offering plant-based food. Their mission is to deliver sustainably produced and organic food straight to consumers. The company’s array of offerings includes Weekly Boxes and Comfort Food Boxes with vegetarian and vegan meals. For more updates, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Too Good To Go Denmark

Fighting food waste primarily through their app is Too Good To Go Denmark. Founded by Klaus B. Pedersen, Lucie Basch, and Mette Lykke, Too Good To Go offers a practical solution to food waste. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.


Considered one of the world’s top 10 seed accelerators, Accelerace has trained and invested in more than 700 of the most promising Danish and international startups and growth companies since 2008. Founded by Peter Torstensen, the Accelerace portfolio covers a wide array of sectors including foodtech, edtech, cleantech, and more. Connect with Accelerace via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Too Good To Go

Founded by Adam Sigbrand, Brian Christensen, Stian Olesen, and Thomas Bjorn Momsen, Too Good To Go offers a platform that saves surplus food thus combating food waste. Their mission includes working with public affairs and education, households and businesses to make a real impact on the issue of food waste.

Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer, founded by Michael Haase, offers a platform that invites itself into people’s home kitchens to change the food system from the front. With their developed software, they’re making the world’s best cooking assistant that also happens to be vegetarian. Keep track of their updates via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


ChefMe is a peer-to-peer marketplace that makes it possible and easy to book private chefs, founded by Thomas Mamburay. They aim to change the way we host dinner parties and socialize over food. Stay connected with ChefMe on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

MATR Foods

MATR Foods is a food-tech startup that provides fungi-based food ingredients to offer dishes produced from fungi like mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits. Learn more about MATR Foods via their LinkedIn page.

Joe & the Juice

Joe & the Juice, an urban juice bar and coffee concept, operates in 160 locations throughout Europe. Founded by Kaspar Basse, the company sells freshly prepared juices, shakes, sandwiches and coffee using natural and organic ingredients sourced from growers directly. Connect with Joe & the Juice on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Homemate is a new food concept started in Torvehallerne. Founded by Eric-Alan Rapp and Morten Heuing, their mission is to make it easy to make exciting, tasty, and varied food of fresh produce every single day which requires no more than 15 minutes in your oven. Stay updated with Homemate through their LinkedIn page.

Eat Grim

Eat Grim is a platform for ugly and surplus fruits and vegetables. Founded by Carolin Schiemer and Petra Kaukua, Eat Grim secures this outcast produce directly from farms and brings them to market, making it easy for people to live sustainably. Follow Eat Grim on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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